When a couple is going through a divorce, the topic of alimony can be a bitter one. This is especially true if the divorce was caused by marital misconduct on the part of one spouse or if they had used shared funds to support this wrongdoing, such as purchasing property for the person they were having an affair with. When that is the case, your chances of receiving spousal alimony are higher but can be compromised if your spouse is hiding assets or voluntarily cutting back work, for instance.

Hiring A PI for Alimony Investigation

When you hire a PI for alimony investigation, it is important to first check whether they are licensed by the state you live in. If they make use of illegal methods to obtain the information you need, it can be discounted in court and you may not even get the chance to present it.

Below are some methods PIs can use for obtaining evidence:

Factors That Determine Alimony Decisions

The most important thing to remember is that alimony is never guaranteed. However, obtaining evidence around your spouse’s marital misconduct can increase the chances of obtaining alimony. Factors that can impact the alimony decision include:

Fault or No-Fault Divorce?

While a no-fault divorce is arguably the easier route, being less expensive and time-consuming, in some cases one party may feel unjustified in taking that course if their spouse has engaged in marital misconduct. In a fault divorce, however, you have to prove that your spouse has violated a state-approved fault ground. Even if you go for a no-fault divorce but your spouse has engaged in instances of marital misconduct, you may be able to use evidence of this misconduct to increase the spousal alimony you get.

Always keep in mind that alimony provision is not guaranteed but the better your evidence, the higher your chances.

Hire Your Alimony Investigator at Probity Investigations

Are you going through a rough divorce due to marital misconduct on your spouse’s part? Or do you suspect they have been withholding or altering financial information that will influence the alimony decision? If so, do not hesitate to hire an alimony investigator to investigate your case. Our professional PIs at Probity Investigations understand your distress and will handle your case with the highest level of discretion and confidentiality.

At Probity Investigations, we have a team of specialists who are experts at obtaining evidence for alimony cases. We have helped many increase the amount of alimony they get and will be able to help you too. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.




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