Frequently Asked Questions

Before jumping to conclusions and allowing your emotions to control you, we will give you sound guidance on how to make the right decisions in the midst of your crisis. Finding out the facts before confronting your spouse or influencing the thoughts of family and friends is critically important to the integrity of your reputation and your marriage. Call us first – its free and strictly confidential – you have nothing to risk and everything to gain. We have a proven process for uncovering meretricious relationships. Call us before hiring an attorney. Our advice is always free! We can handle the discovery process, and mediation at half the cost.

Most consumers are not aware how a private detective can save them time, money and emotional challenges. A great PI can help a consumer determine the best course of action before investing thousands of dollars in attorney retainer fees and court costs. More importantly, did you know that only a licensed private detective can legally follow someone and take photography of someone? Know the laws before you DIY and end up in jail!

Before hiring a detective, check with the Secretary of State, Division of Licensing board to verify their license is in good standing and years in business. What type of tools and equipment does the detective have that can ensure an economical process is used to facilitate successful results? This is important to know that your investment will yield favorable results at an affordable cost.

Thinking things through is usually a difficult task for our buyers (clients). Why? Because they usually feel like their world just fell apart. We don’t suggest much thinking, just call us and we will help provide clarity through the emotions. But, here are a few tips: 1. If you browse on the internet, erase your browsing history. 2. If you call from your cell phone, erase your call history. 3. Don’t use your home phone (land line) to call a private investigator and don’t call from inside your home. The phone calls from this type of phone can be easily documented and traced. Your spouse could have a listening device in the house to monitor your actions. Call us from work or from a borrowed phone outside of your home or vehicle. You, the client, are our best resource and if you get caught, we are caught.

The majority of our private investigation work is helping clients through the discovery process. A wife or husband may be curious if their spouse is cheating, a mother is questioning the inappropriate parenting of their child when in the care of another adult. We are experts in installing and locating hidden devices such as cameras, audio recorders, vehicle trackers and cell phone applications. If you think someone is spying on you, no matter the location, call us and we can very easily locate the equipment or software. Often times we coach our clients on how to find clues about their spouse or children’s behavior and usually this advice is FREE.

After installing three hidden cameras in a work environment, our client learned that her husband’s affair involved a co-worker. The signs were there but the physical contact was being made at his office, behind closed doors. A professional athlete had been hiding an affair for years. These cheaters are tough to catch as their life style is typically protected by layers of security. For three years our agency tracked and documented virtually every move the athlete made without ever being discovered. The athlete’s wife was able to secure enough evidence to confront her husband and reconcile their marriage. Missing children are a parents worst nightmare. With today’s technology our agency has been successful in locating several missing teens within hours of notification. Thankfully, no child has gone undiscovered. With more than 10,000 cases logged, less than 5% have gone before a judge in court. Thanks to the proven processes we have in place, most cases are settled before a divorce petition is filed.

We are the best above any competitor because we specialize in affair discovery services and behavior monitoring. We do not claim to be a “Full Service” agency, although we are licensed to provide all types of investigative services. All of our field agents are veteran licensed private detectives, each with more than 15 years of service. You will not find another agency with more specialized experience that is dedicated to helping others through the discovery process. The emotions are so overwhelming to go it alone. Don’t make a mistake in getting the wrong help, call us for free advice anytime! 

Our agency faces many unique challenges in trying to accomplish specific objectives for our customers. Passion for helping people figure out the truth, over coming seemingly impossible obstacles and dealing with the emotional challenges of behavior is such a blessing to give to others. We create a unique bond when our clients feel there is no one else to turn to.

Q. What do I get when I hire your agency? A. A professional friend that understands what you are going through that is available 24 hours a day at no extra charge. Someone to help you overcome the emotional stress and make clear decisions about what to do in the middle of your crisis. Our advice is priceless; counselor referrals, legal referrals, objective focused and precise sound judgement for your immediate situation. Q. Is it legal to track the vehicle that my spouse is driving? Do you provide this as a service? A. Depending on the state you reside in, most likely YES. Tracking vehicles and assets is one of our most economical ways to learn a person’s whereabouts. Q. How long does it take to complete an investigation and how much does it cost? A. This is the proverbial million dollar question, as they say. Unfortunately, there is not a specific time or cost. If an agency provides a specific quote then it better be for specific objectives to be accomplished. We like to identify the objectives, time of opportunity and a budget so our clients receive a valuable return on their investment. The important thing to remember is that we have all of the necessary tools (spy gadgets) at our disposal. Most agencies can not afford the secret tools that we have. Computer equipped vehicle with internet access, spy cameras, GPS trackers, computer spyware and a database with over 2 billion records to identify virtually anyone living in the United States. Q. How long have you been in business? A. Probity Investigations has been licensed by the Georgia Secretary of State since 1995. We also have agency partners in every state and welcome overseas opportunities. There is not another agency with the level of specialized experience than ours. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and our advice is always FREE.

It does not take prior law enforcement experience to be a great private detective. That is why we employ agents with varying professional backgrounds. Doctors, contractors, entrepreneurs, musicians, prior military and people of all backgrounds are found in our profession. It takes someone with attention to detail, patience and a heart for others to become a great professional private investigator.

All of our agents are required to maintain 16 hours of continued education each year in an effort to remain with our agency and in compliance with the State of Georgia regulations. Most of our agents are also weapons certified and undergo strict qualification standards training every year. 

Our agency, like most, require a minimal initial retainer fee. This is like a deposit. We will take a draw from this using our hourly rate until it is used. Our hourly rate ranges from $65 – 90 per hour. In most cases, there are no travel time costs or mileage costs. Our billing is very simple and easy to understand. Each week the client will receive an itemized statement of services provided and is expected to pay any balance prior to the end of the next calendar week. There are certain special pricing for court appearances and the rental of special equipment, such as GPS trackers, hidden cameras or searches. We also offer criminal background checks for $15 each. A consent form is required and we will return the results within 24 hours of the request received.

Helping people cope with their crisis and make sound decisions. Following people around, video documenting their every move and not ever getting caught. Creating effective presentations that provide our clients the best position for confronting for reconciliation or settlement. The decision is the client’s.

All of our case work is strictly confidential and is never discussed outside of the client without expressed permission. Of course there are times when collaborating with our client’s attorney or marriage counselor is requested but only with the client’s permission. We have successfully accomplished the task of investigating police, doctors, lawyers, military spouses, nurses, politicians, accountants, public figures, professional athletes, performers.