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We work with high net-asset clients who have a lot of asset exposure and cannot depend on the sole performance of an attorney to settle their cases. Probity Investigations, Inc., has settled more cheating partner and infidelity cases than any other specialized agency in the state. Todd Redding and his agency have mitigated over $100 million in divorce settlements. Don’t carry the burden alone. Schedule a FREE consultation now.

Probity Investigations, Inc. is a full-service private investigations agency that serves a diverse clientele in Atlanta, Georgia, and Tampa Florida. We specialize in cheating spouse private investigations. Owned and operated by Todd Redding, a 25-year veteran cheating spouse investigator and state certified instructor. His team of cheating spouse investigators in Atlanta and Tampa private investigators are trained in advanced surveillance techniques to make sure that clients get all of the necessary evidence and legal support they need. Instead of relying on the rumor mill or intuition, a cheating spouse private investigator will uncover and video document the activities of a spouse during the investigation process.

“Our cheating spouse private detectives collect more than just evidence. They collect hardcore proof through video, DNA, phone data, vehicle tracking, polygraph, affair partner statements, and much more”

Our cheating spouse private investigators employ special techniques to determine if your partner has cheated or is engaged in an affair.  Oftentimes, cheating spouse private detectives use vehicle tracking devices to log a cheater’s location. Cheating spouse private investigators also perform DNA testing on undergarments to prove adultery. Recovering deleted data from cell phones and monitoring personal computer activities are also private investigation methods that we employ to confirm the rising suspicions of infidelity.

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“An Cheating Spouse Investigator can help you avoid making irrational decisions.”

Consulting with a cheating spouse investigator should be the first step prior to confronting your partner or calling an attorney. Most individuals seek guidance as soon as they become suspicious of an affair. Being certain of your suspicion is vital prior to confronting your partner. Others have some degree of knowledge that their spouse is unfaithful but want documented proof. If emotions about your spouse’s infidelity are affecting your relationship, speaking with a cheating spouse private detective will help. Specialized cheating spouse private detectives are trained in dealing with all types of emotions and reactions. We can help you overcome anxiety so you can focus on what is important, helping you to avoid making irrational decisions.

Our cheating spouse investigators are aware of the sensitive nature of our clients’ situations and treat them with respect that they deserve. Listening and discretion are a couple of cheating spouse private investigators’ biggest attributes. We want you to feel comfortable while disclosing your situation. This is your relationship and our cheating spouse private detectives want you to feel in control of how the case is being handled. Only the client gets to decide what to do with the evidence that is discovered.


Is your spouse or partner having an affair? The truth is that it doesn’t matter. If your mind is in a state of deep suspicion, your doubts alone may destroy the relationship. Professionals on marital issues confirmed that intuition is the best gauge to use when determining an affair.  Studies vary from generation but show as high as 85 percent of women and 65 percent of men who suspect their spouse is cheating, are usually correct.  Here are a few conditions to monitor for changes that may indicate infidelity:

  • Change in clothing style
  • Choice of music changes
  • Modified working hours
  • Occupied by mobile game app as a cover to monitor affair partner messages
  • Sudden interest in fitness
  • Late meetings and/or appointments
  • Concerned for/improved hygiene
  • A change in religious belief
  • Protective of cell phone, PC, or iPad
  • Wanting to use same iCloud Username
  • Wanting to enable Family tracking on cell phone account
hire a private investigator for cheating spouse

Although a lot of the warning signs of infidelity are true for both genders, it is important to consider that some men display an air of confidence about themselves when they are being unfaithful. A cheating husband can feel sly about getting away by being deceitful and it often leads them to behave in a manner which presents itself as a mixture of guilt and egotism. These processes may also cause a cheating husband to be uncharacteristically generous (out of guilt) and joyful (out of smugness for not getting caught).

Unfaithful Wife Warning Signs:

A cheating wife may start to distance herself from members of your family that she used to get along well with and she may start spending more girls night outs with her friends. In most cases, a cheating wife will start to show signs that she’s starting to move on; she’ll start to distance herself from you and she may even start arguments over trivial matters that normally would not have bothered her, as a way to justify her infidelity to herself.