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Re-marriage is not the only way to end alimony payments


Our Alimony Modification Private Investigation Team has worked with hundreds of clients across the state to help reduce, and at times, eliminate alimony payments. Unlike other states such as Georgia, clients do not need to be married in order to lose your alimony payments.

Individuals can file petitions to modify their alimonies if former spouses are already living with another adult? Commonly referred to as the “live-in” lover statute, the law in Georgia addresses this exact situation. Our alimony modification private investigators use proven strategies to uncover meretricious relationships. It is important to contact us before hiring an attorney. Our alimony modification advice is always free! We can provide our clients the necessary support they need in the discovery process, mediation services, and litigation support.

Although there are several grounds for ending an alimony, one of the most common reasons is when an individual re-marries. In these cases, O.C.G.A. § 19-6 indicates that a prior award of alimony can be modified if the receiving party decides to get re-married, then the alimony modification may result in terminating your obligation. However, re-marriage is not an exclusive criterion for ending alimony payments.


After a divorce, it is common for one of the parties to date and eventually, without getting re-married, move into the same residence with their new significant other. The State of Georgia has enacted a law, which is commonly referred to as the “live-in” lover statute to address these situations. According to the O.C.G.A. § 19-6-19(b), if your former spouse and their significant other are living together in a meretricious relationship, then you may qualify to file a modification of alimony. In this scenario, the court will assume that the other party’s need for alimony support has just decreased because they are now sharing financial responsibilities with another person.

When deciding whether to seek alimony annulment, alimony relief or modification to an agreement, you need to keep in mind that the court will expect you to have proof of the live-in lover or meretricious relationship. Alimony private investigators at Probity Investigations, Inc. can help clients acquire the evidence they need through professional alimony modification investigations.

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