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The PI Agency specializes in helping Orlando residents navigate the discovery process of the top three investigation services: cheating spouse, alimony modification, and child welfare.

We are a state licensed professional private investigation agency employing the best Orlando Private Investigators. 

Much of our success can be credited to our team approach. Although we are equipped with modern technology, you will have direct access to a team of specialists that truly care about your situation.

We are keenly aware that the need for our services often comes at a time when you are dealing with added emotional challenges. Your call will be answered by a friendly team member trained to render assistance in a caring manner. Our wish is for you to feel comfortable calling… one reason why “Our Advice is Always Free.”


The cheating spouse private investigators at The PI Agency employ special techniques to determine if your partner has cheated or is engaged in an affair. Oftentimes, cheating spouse private detectives use vehicle tracking devices to log a cheater’s location. Cheating spouse private investigators also perform DNA testing on undergarments to prove adultery. Recovering deleted data from cell phones and monitoring personal computer activities are also private investigation methods that we employ to confirm the rising suspicions of infidelity.

Consulting with a cheating spouse private investigator should be the first step prior to confronting your partner or calling an attorney. Most individuals seek guidance as soon as they become suspicious of an affair. Being certain of your suspicion is vital prior to confronting your partner. Others have some degree of knowledge that their spouse is unfaithful but want documented proof.

If emotions about your spouse’s infidelity are affecting your relationship, speaking with a cheating spouse private detective will help. Specialized cheating spouse private detectives are trained in dealing with all types of emotions and reactions. We can help you overcome anxiety so you can focus on what is important, helping you to avoid making irrational decisions.

Our cheating spouse private investigators are aware of the sensitive nature of our clients’ situations and treat them with respect that they deserve. Listening and discretion are a couple of cheating spouse private investigators’ biggest attributes. We want you to feel comfortable while disclosing your situation. This is your relationship and our cheating spouse private detectives want you to feel in control of how the case is being handled. Only the client gets to decide what to do with the evidence that is discovered.

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Our Alimony Modification Private Investigation Team has worked with hundreds of clients across the state to help reduce, and at times, eliminate alimony payments. 

Individuals can file petitions to modify their alimonies if former spouses are already living with another adult. Commonly referred to as the “live-in” lover statute, the law in Florida addresses this exact situation. Our alimony modification private investigators use proven strategies to uncover meretricious relationships. It is important to contact us before hiring an attorney. Our alimony modification advice is always free! We can provide our clients the necessary support they need in the discovery process, mediation services, and litigation support.

After a divorce, it is common for one of the parties to date and eventually, without getting re-married, move into the same residence with their new significant other. When deciding whether to seek alimony annulment, alimony relief or modification to an agreement, you need to keep in mind that the court will expect you to have proof of the live-in lover or meretricious relationship. Alimony private investigators at Probity Investigations, Inc. can help you acquire the evidence they need through professional alimony modification investigations.

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Our Child Custody Private Investigator Orlando, FL use different types of surveillance and investigative techniques to determine the welfare of a child while in custody of their parents. Our private investigator’s goal is to document and provide our clients with video evidence of abuse, neglect, or endangerment. In extreme cases, our investigators speak with different neighbors, witnesses, and conduct thorough investigations to ensure the child finds the right environment for their needs.

Our investigators document when parents are engaging in reckless driving, alcoholism, or other types of criminal activities that put the child’s welfare in risk. Based on the information collected by our private investigators, a parent can provide the courts with enough evidence to ensure the child is safe. Private Investigator obtained evidence always has a stronger credence in the court of law than parent accusations due to the sensitive nature of the case.

If you suspect your child may be exposed to hostile or negligent conditions from their daycare provider or from your former spouse while they are under their care but you don’t have the evidence you need, we can help. 

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