Cheating is cheating – right? Actually, when it comes to cheating, there are different types of affairs!

“Is my partner cheating on me?” This is an everyday question heard by private investigators. Regarding a partner, you may have some suspicions if this is a question you feel the need to ask.

There are numerous dynamics involved in the complex issue of infidelity. The “rules” in each relationship are different. For some couples, texting an ex, watching porn, or participating in sexual acts with another couple is absolutely fine! With that thought in mind, ideas and boundaries for romantic relationships must be created by each couple to expressly address their limitations, allowances, etc.

Remember, infidelity becomes a gray area without set rules and an open line of communication.


Regardless of your relationship “rules” there are several categories under which infidelity falls:

These can become the grounds for infidelity when deception or secrecy occurs. Keep in mind, however, that infidelity transpires differently with the varying types listed above. Let’s look at this from the perspective of private investigator.

Fantasy Affairs

This can also be referred to as mental cheating. It’s considered relatively healthy to have different fantasies and to daydream. However, when stress is caused to your current relationship due to fantasies leading to secretive or dishonest behavior, it enters the realm of infidelity. There may be a cause for concern if your current relationship has become difficult as a result of current fantasies.

Through the following, one can express fantasy cheating:

Because they cause one’s relationship undue strain, fantasy affairs are cause for concern. When the fantasy cheater has “checked out,” it causes the partner to feel physical and emotional neglect.

Physical Affairs

Where affairs are concerned, this is the most “traditional” type. First off, let’s define “physical affair”: This is when you have physical contact with an individual that is other than your current partner. Some sort of sexual intimacy must occur in order for this to be a physical affair. More than just sex is recognized here.

Physical cheating can run the gamut from sexual intercourse to romantic touching, and everything in between. Because of this, it’s considered a physical affair if, outside of your relationship, one or more of the following is happening:

Note: An emotional aspect is not required for a physical affair to take place.

Emotional Affairs

Sexual intimacy is not included in an emotional affair. When one invests emotional feelings into a non-partner individual, an emotional affair occurs. In a new relationship, they begin to receive emotional intimacy and companionship. Simply put, this begins to take a romantic turn because it crosses the boundaries of friendship. Any romantic feelings toward a non-partner individual can be included in this type of affair.

Just because no sex is involved, doesn’t mean that the participating parties should feel guilt free. They are cheating. An emotional affair is less about the sexual aspect and more about keeping secrets and breaking trust.

Whom To Turn to If You Feel You’re Being Cheated On

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