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It can be a difficult and painful experience when you find yourself doubting the fidelity of a spouse. You feel a burning desire to get to the truth. It’s the only way to calm the nagging thoughts in your mind. Regardless of the outcome of an investigation, you will at the very least be able to move on with your life because you will have the answers you need.

To get that kind of information, PIs (private investigators) can be hired in the pursuit of an affair investigation. However, your and your spouse’s rights in affair investigations must be considered during such investigations.

To make a determination as to whether or not your spouse may be having an affair – so that it can be proved in court – a private investigator will use photos, videos, and other means of acquiring evidence. They will likely be called to testify as to the infidelity of your spouse. What’s admissible in court and what type of evidence can be obtained has specific rules that apply to them, however.

On the “Can’t Do” List

There are any number of things that a private investigator is not allowed to do. As examples, private investigators cannot do the following:

Why Should You Hire a Licensed Private Investigator With Experience?

A private investigator is not an officer of the law. So, you may be wondering why, if they’re just a regular citizen, you should acquire their services. Particularly when it comes to infidelity investigations, the hiring of a private investigator has the following advantages:

Do You Need an Affair Investigation Executed by a PI?

The investigative specialists at Probity Investigations are well-versed in a vast array of manners and techniques through which to check into the affairs of your spouse. We use spy cameras, GPS trackers, mobile text recovery, and more to get the evidence you need. More than any other specialized state agency, we have settled more infidelity and cheating partner cases. In divorce settlements, we have mitigated over $100 million.

You are not alone in your pursuit for the truth!

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