Research has shown that although men have a higher likelihood of cheating than women, women are better at hiding their affairs. Usually, when a woman is caught cheating on her significant other, it can lead to a loss of reputation, children and financial security. In some cases, it may even lead to violence. Both men and women cheat. If you are suspicious of your other half, you may consider hiring a private investigator to get to the bottom of things. Other than that, here are 5 signs of a cheating spouse you can look out for.

Changes in Schedule

If your spouse has started to stay out late even though they used to always return home punctually when their work ends, you may want to ask why. If you hear excuses that do not make sense and they do not pick up the phone when you call, this could be a red flag for you.

Becoming More Secretive

If out of the blue, your spouse has set up a lock code on their computers and on their phones, or if they frequently refuse to show you their bank account statements and clear their browser history, you may have reason to be suspicious. Another thing to look out for is whether they have started taking more calls outside where you cannot hear. Details like this are things you have to look out for.

Constantly Pushing the Blame to You

It is completely natural for couples to have their own disagreements and lay blame. However, if you feel that your spouse has recently become hostile to you for no apparent reason, you should try and find out why. Sometimes when a spouse cheats, they will try to justify themselves by pushing the blame to you for not being affectionate or appreciative enough. If you feel that your spouse is constantly pushing the blame to you, it could be a sign that they are trying to push you away.

Abrupt Change to Your Sex Life

In a marriage, it is normal for sexual activity to gradually decrease as time passes. However, there may be another cause if there is an abrupt change in the sexual activities you engage in. A sharp decrease in sex may mean that your spouse has put their focus on someone else instead. A sudden increase in sex could signal higher libido because they are engaging in sexual activities more often.

Often Taking Trips Without You

Has your spouse been constantly asked to go for business trips when their jobs usually do not require them to travel? Have they been invited to weekend trips with their friends without bringing you along? If they are constantly being asked to go on trips out of the norm, this could signal they are cheating on you.

It is possible that your significant other is not cheating on you even if they behave like the signs above. The best way to give you piece of mind is to get to the bottom of the matter by hiring a private investigator. This is the most ideal way to find out without damaging your relationship.

Probity Investigations has a team of skilled specialists who can help you with your case and can give you the closure you need. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.

Just like any other stream of law enforcement, private investigation too can have a variety of specializations and methods. And private investigators need to be alert, observational and possess a logical and analytical mind. That is because, all kinds of cases, ranging from the concerns of a cheating spouse to an array of dangerous crimes, are all dealt with by private investigators Atlanta, Georgia. When it comes to businesses, here are six areas where these experts can be immensely helpful.

  • Security consultations including advanced security options like loss-prevention staff and higher digital security.
  • Law enforcement in terms of discovering and securing relevant evidence. That way, PIs can be of immense help during judicial processes.
  • Worker’s compensations to prevent the business from getting caught up in a whirlwind of fraudulent claims.
  • Pre-employment screening for job applicants.
  • Background research before finalizing a business deal where a good amount of finances are at stake. A qualified and experienced PI can be of immense help in finding out every relevant detail of a prospective employee as desired by the employer.
  • Detection of electronic surveillance devices in any professional space or investigation of any suspicion regarding the same. After all, without the right permissions, it is absolutely illegal to plant any spy devices in a professional setting.

The best private investigator in Atlanta provides a handful of informative services ranging from the more routine types of confidential evidence, polygraph testing, infidelity issues, spouse cheating investigation, such as monitoring a witness or locating a claimant’s activities, to the more tricky and complex type of cases such as discovery of hidden assets or assisting with trial planning and plotting activities. So, if you are considering hiring a Private Investigator in Atlanta but don’t know where to start your crusade journey then consider The PI Agency as your right hand. As a professional private investigator, we stay tuned for the latest information and technology that could affect your business and the industry at front.

The services of the investigative industry play a pivotal role not only to lawyers and insurance organizations, who have regularly hired best-in-firm investigators for decades, but all types of business demands and individual needs.

Our agency ranges from private investigation services to an expert in infidelity investigation issues, and best practices of the industry. We plan on continually adding to the list of top ten investigating services by adding more and more information private investigation services out there in the industry.

Doubt and suspicion are one of the common emotions that a human feels and experiences in his/her life. The reason, on some occasions, is a logical one and sometimes, it is silly too. Whatever may be the reason, one should always find ways to expel these doubts that may break your home.

If you are suspicious that your spouse is cheating on you, hire a private investigator to undercover the truth. A private investigator will give you quick results as he/she is skilled in collection of evidence discreetly. Most of the infidelity cases are solved with extremely-crucial evidences that are often missed by the partner. Only a keen observer can spot them which is an innate trait of a good detective. A true professional understands the importance of confidentiality and takes extreme measures to maintain it.

A skillful investigator can unearth the most difficult of details with diligence and sometimes essential information that you didn’t request which is actually useful. They use their proficiency in technological methods such as recovering deleted texts, pictures and other data from the mobile phone of the cheating spouse. Thus, cell phone forensics specialist private investigators in Atlanta can help you find out the truth with utmost precision.

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Are you being falsely implicated in a case? It can happen to anyone when people with malicious intent make false accusations to frame a person in a legal matter. The court of law seeks evidence, and if you are not able to prove your innocence, then you can face legal action. If you are facing such an unfortunate situation, you must hire a private investigator who can gather substantial proof to save you in the court. The investigators are trained in finding out the truth behind a particular situation.

Besides, private investigators are employed to handle different situations such as infidelity, corporate data theft, employee background check etc. As the world is becoming more and more advanced and competitive, people are using latest tools to cheat and achieve success. So, the private investigators have also employed new age technologies like polygraph testing, GPS vehicle tracking and cell phone forensics to tackle these threats. They are available any time and any day of the year to investigate a case including early morning hours, evening hours, weekends or national holidays.

So, if you are facing any of the above mentioned situations, you can hire a private investigator in Atlanta to sort out your problems. Many agencies are providing these investigative services and can be contacted through their websites.

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Some people are like foxes; they know many things. Other people are like hedgehogs; they know one big thing.

A fox is a clever animal able to devise many tactics for attacking the hedgehog. Everyday the fox looks like he has another brilliant strategy to finally win his prey.

The hedgehog, on the other hand, is a slow boring creature whose defense is the same no matter how the fox attacks. Everyday the fox thinks, “Aha, now I’ve got you.” But everyday, no matter what approach the fox takes, no matter where he strikes from, no matter what time of day it is, as soon as the hedgehog senses danger he thinks, “Here we go again,” and he rolls up into a little ball, extends his sharp spikes, and spoils the fox’s best laid plans.

Everyone has problems, issues, and challenges in their marriage. Yours may even be severe. And you will no doubt face a variety of problems over the years.

You might think that for each new problem, you need a new solution. But you don’t! Think like a hedgehog not a fox. Remember, for a hedgehog THE SOLUTION IS ALWAYS THE SAME.

Some radio and television shows are hosted by relationship experts who have guests or allow people to call-in to share their problems. It’s fascinating the myriad of problems that couples face. What’s equally fascinating is the host’s ability to find unique solutions for all the different problems.

It makes for an interesting show, but it’s just not that complicated. The ultimate answer to every problem is the same—love. LOVE IS THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR MARRIAGE, and all marital problems stem from a lack of it. Got a problem? You don’t need a solution. You need more love. LOVE IS YOUR SOLUTION!

Sound hokey? I know it does. Think about it though. Remember when you fell in love? What problems did you have then? Hardly any, right? Because you had love!

You know that little thing your spouse does with their eye brow or the corner of their mouth? Remember how you used to think it was so cute? Then one day it became annoying, right? Why? Your spouse used to be thrifty and now your spouse is cheap. WHAT CHANGED? Your love changed—that’s what changed! And the solution to that annoying problem (and all your problems!) is to rebuild your love.

The problem in most marriages is the way the couple (and sometimes the counselor) sees the problem. If you see your problems as the problem; that’s your problem.

When people schedule private phone sessions with me their first inclination is to ask me for a solution to their marriage problems. My solution is for them to institute a series of positive relationship habits that slowly but surely builds a new foundation for their marriage.

Fixing problems and developing communication skills can lead to small incremental changes in your marriage. But if you want to transform your marriage, if you want to make a quantum change, you have to implement a pattern of new relationship habits. You have to create love.

People get all bogged down in the negativity of trying to solve their problems. It’s no fun and it’s not productive. The crucial question in marriage is NOT how to solve your problems; it’s how to create love.

Todd Redding is a professional private investigator specializing in affair discovery. His 23 years of experience has given him a keen sense of how a marriage works successfully. If your marriage is in jeopardy of an affair and you need to find out the truth, call our agency for free advice. We will hold your hand from start to finish. Call 1-888-777-0683. Remember, “Our Advice is always free!”



Is Someone Listening?

You hadn’t set the phone down for more than a minute when she called demanding to know who this mystery girl was. Your first reaction is to look over your shoulder, but even after spinning 360 degrees you don’t see anyone. There a few people across the street on their phone looking at you, but could they hear you from across the street? While you try to rapidly assess how she knew her voice is screaming in your ear, with increasingly frantic calls about the call you just ended.  After several rushed declarations of innocence, an explanation that she is just a coworker and you were discussing the surprise party for your boss, and her huffing out a final “ I don’t believe you” and her hanging up on you, you just stare at your phone in disbelief. How did she know?

With the ever increasing advances in technology new ways to monitor what someone is doing, from apps that can be installed on your phone, bugs in your house, spyware on your computer, to a GPS in your vehicle the amount of tracking someone can perform on you without your knowledge is somewhat unnerving.

If you suspect your phone is being bugged consider the warning signs below:

  • Does your phone turn on suddenly even when not being used?
  • When you go to pick up your phone after not using it is the battery still warm?
  • When you are on a call is there an unexpected click or beep?

If you are feeling trapped, like someone is monitoring the solution could be to call in the professionals. You can contact a Private Investigator.

Before you go running off and calling one there are some precautions you may wish to take.

  • Consider clearing your internet browser history after performing searches
  • Don’t call from your home phone or cell phone, consider purchasing a disposable prepaid phone or borrowing a phone from a friend
  • Don’t place the call from inside your home

All of these actions can prevent tipping off the person monitoring you that you are on to them. Todd Redding is a veteran licensed private investigator that specializes in affair discovery, cheating spouse and alimony private investigations. The PI Agency is a 20 year Atlanta, Georgia based private investigation agency that caters to the needs of domestic and civil private investigations throughout Georgia, Alabama and Florida. You don’t have to face this difficult situation alone, please call The PI Agency, 1-888-777-0683.

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Cheating When Children Are Involved

You’ve had this nagging suspicion for so long that he’s cheating. All the red flags are up: the phone calls, the late arrivals home at night, and he activated that gym membership that he stopped using after the first year of marriage. Then he comes home and his face lights up when the kids come running to him. Suddenly he’s more patient with them, more caring. Even if he is cheating, the kids are happy and they need him. Maybe all of this is easier if you just don’t know.

It is easier to believe if you never go looking the family can be happy. If you knew the truth you’d want to leave him on the principle of the matter. But in the end your kids need their father right? Knowing the truth would tear your family apart. Believe it or not, avoiding it to protect your children can still hurt them. Children are inherently sensitive to trouble in the household and not addressing it can cause a lot more damage than actually addressing it.

There are a lot of factors to consider. The first being, do you really have to know? It’s one thing to brush off him being home 20 minutes late once because of traffic, but when you find yourself needing to rationalize a reason to go through his phone it might be time to admit there is a trust issue in the relationship. Before you jump straight to the accusations think through your concerns and keep the following Do’s and Don’ts in mind.


  • Don’t immediately go asking your children or their friends about what your spouse is up to when you are not around. It can open them up to feeling as though they were part of the affair by not telling you sooner, or that they did something wrong by lying to you. Until you’re sure there is something going on its best to keep them out of it. When taking steps to find out the truth, keep it discreet.
  • Don’t vent to your children about your suspicions. It can put a strain on their own relationship and can even feel like a burden to them to have the knowledge that something is wrong.
  • Don’t confront your spouse with your children present. It can be traumatizing and chances are having them present won’t prevent yelling or arguments.
  • Don’t try to hide your feelings. When they start asking what’s wrong instead of telling them about your suspicions, just say you have things on your mind, but it’s not their fault and they don’t need to worry.


  • Do once the truth is in the open with you and your spouse decide what to tell your children together. Presenting a united front can lessen the impact and prevents your children from having to feel as though they have to choose a side.
  • Do be honest with your children about your feelings. Chances are they can sense it, denying it just makes them feel like maybe you can’t tell them because they are the cause of it.
  • Do reaffirm they are not the cause of the fighting between you and your spouse. They may never say they feel it’s their fault, but they may still be feeling it.
  • Do keep communication open. In the end you know your children best. If you feel like they need to talk about it more don’t hide from the conversations. Once they can verbalize and understand what is wrong they can begin to move forward from it.

If you are having suspicions about your spouse a Private Investigator can help you discreetly find out what your spouse hasn’t been telling you. Todd Redding is a veteran licensed private investigator that specializes in affair discovery, cheating spouse and alimony private investigations. The PI Agency is a 20 year Atlanta, Georgia based private investigation agency that caters to the needs of domestic and civil private investigations throughout Georgia, Alabama and Florida. You don’t have to face this difficult situation alone, please call The PI Agency, 1-888-777-0683.

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The Other Woman

In the blur of emotions after the confirmation your husband is cheating its common for the other woman to spring to mind. Who is she? What does she have that you don’t? Most of all, why her? On some level you understand why the cheating occurred, the underlying tension between the two of you has just been building. Now you just want to understand why she would knowingly wreck your home. When it comes to be the “other” women there are actually a few reasons why a woman may have become entangled with your husband.

  • She honestly didn’t know. While this may be one of the most overused and not always honest responses, sometimes she just didn’t know.
  • She is also in a relationship where she feels alienated from her significant other. Often the initial attraction can come simply from being desired, both parties are able to connect through the thrill that someone is so attracted to them they are willing to cheat.
  • She didn’t think it would do any harm. This rationale is a bit more difficult to process, because she may have actually rationalized the situation to herself and believes that the cheating is actually helping your relationship because he doesn’t feel as stressed after the interludes.
  • She is jealous and is trying to steal him. Perhaps the rarest scenario, yet still the stereotype. This is usually the first thing that springs to mind when you envision her, but in reality there are still the other reasons.

Do you suspect your man has another woman?  Todd Redding and his staff of professionally trained licensed private investigators specialize in affair discovery and cheating spouse private investigations. The PI Agency is a 20 year Atlanta, Georgia based private investigation agency that caters to the needs of domestic and civil private investigations throughout Georgia, Alabama and Florida. You don’t have to face this difficult and scary situation alone, please call The PI Agency, 1-888-777-0683.

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Have you ever wondered what a polygraph test is or thought, “Do these test really work”? If so here is a break down about the Polygraph test and the pros and cons about using this type of test. The foundation built on the Polygraph test is that telling a lie is stressful and because of this stress there can be a measurement made and recorded to see if you are telling the truth. The Polygraph gets its name because the test consists of simultaneously monitoring several of the suspect’s physiological functions. The most important and functions to be tested are breathing, pulse, and galvanic skin response. These functions are recorded and printed on graph paper for the observer to determine.

Arguments For and Against



  • Few people can control all three physiological functions at the same time
  • Polygraph examiners run pre-examination tests on suspects, enabling the examiners to measure that individual’s reaction to telling a lie.


  • Some subjects can conceal stress even when they are aware that they are lying.
  • It is at times unclear to distinguish an individual’s stress generated by the test and the stress generated by a particular lie.

According to the American Polygraph Association there has been over 250 studies conducted on the accuracy of polygraph testing during the past 25 years. In fact the most recent computerized testing research reveals that the accuracy of computerized polygraph systems is close to 100%. Most of the known errors occur with polygraph examiners that are simply not as experienced. In many cases the Polygraph tests have been proven reliable and have a history of helping police and private investigators solve the problem. If you or someone you know are in need of a Polygraph test feel free to contact the PI Agency. Our advice is always free, 1-888-777-0683

Polygraph Testing