When a couple is going through a divorce, the topic of alimony can be a bitter one. This is especially true if the divorce was caused by marital misconduct on the part of one spouse or if they had used shared funds to support this wrongdoing, such as purchasing property for the person they were having an affair with. When that is the case, your chances of receiving spousal alimony are higher but can be compromised if your spouse is hiding assets or voluntarily cutting back work, for instance.

Hiring A PI for Alimony Investigation

When you hire a PI for alimony investigation, it is important to first check whether they are licensed by the state you live in. If they make use of illegal methods to obtain the information you need, it can be discounted in court and you may not even get the chance to present it.

Below are some methods PIs can use for obtaining evidence:

  • Taking photos or videos by observing your spouse in a public space
  • Searching publicly accessible websites for information
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Collecting documents that have been disposed of

Factors That Determine Alimony Decisions

The most important thing to remember is that alimony is never guaranteed. However, obtaining evidence around your spouse’s marital misconduct can increase the chances of obtaining alimony. Factors that can impact the alimony decision include:

  • The length of the marriage
  • Ages of each party
  • Both parties’ physical health and earning capability
  • The needs of each party following the divorce, such as who will have custody of the children (if any)
  • Division of the marital estate after divorce
  • Each party’s actions leading to the divorce

Fault or No-Fault Divorce?

While a no-fault divorce is arguably the easier route, being less expensive and time-consuming, in some cases one party may feel unjustified in taking that course if their spouse has engaged in marital misconduct. In a fault divorce, however, you have to prove that your spouse has violated a state-approved fault ground. Even if you go for a no-fault divorce but your spouse has engaged in instances of marital misconduct, you may be able to use evidence of this misconduct to increase the spousal alimony you get.

Always keep in mind that alimony provision is not guaranteed but the better your evidence, the higher your chances.

Hire Your Alimony Investigator at Probity Investigations

Are you going through a rough divorce due to marital misconduct on your spouse’s part? Or do you suspect they have been withholding or altering financial information that will influence the alimony decision? If so, do not hesitate to hire an alimony investigator to investigate your case. Our professional PIs at Probity Investigations understand your distress and will handle your case with the highest level of discretion and confidentiality.

At Probity Investigations, we have a team of specialists who are experts at obtaining evidence for alimony cases. We have helped many increase the amount of alimony they get and will be able to help you too. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.




OSINT is short for open-sourced intelligence and refers to the use of public records and data to gather and analyze information. Although this information is available to the general public, it requires a certain expertise and skill to know where to find it, what to look out for and how to interpret it. OSINT is not used exclusively by private investigators – today, journalists, law enforcement officers and researchers make use of it to derive valuable insights as well. When it comes to private investigations, OSINT can help to paint a full picture of a person’s life as it relates to a particular circumstance.

What Is Considered OSINT?

Although no licensing is required to obtain access to OSINT, it often requires vast knowledge and experience in the field when it comes to knowing where to look. Common sources of OSINT include:

  • Social media platforms
  • Published broadcasting and journalism which can include newspaper articles, podcasts, television broadcasts and audio recordings
  • Public records such as marriage and divorce records and census data
  • Government websites and documents
  • Information that can be assessed on the Internet such as blog posts, recordings and more, including those on the Dark Web
  • Company reports and employee records
  • Publications in journals, magazines etc
  • … and many more!

What Can OSINT Be Used for?

OSINT can be used to solve a myriad of cases, from locating a missing person to uncovering an affair. Living in the 21st century, it may feel like we have all the information we need at our fingertips, but sources such as Google and social media accounts are only a small part of the puzzle. When information obtained through OSINT is considered carefully with what most people can easily find online, the missing piece to the puzzle can be found. Although this information is available to the public, the average citizen may not know where to go about looking for the data they need or how to interpret it in a way that makes sense. This is where private investigators come in.

Making use of their knowledge and expertise to research, analyze, verify and connect multiple sources of information, private investigators are able to uncover the truth you are looking for. Some people may confuse public searches with free record searches. There is a notable difference between them: public records come directly from the source itself whereas free record searches produce results through a third-party algorithm, which can result in inaccurate or false information.

Hire Your Private Investigator at Probity Investigations

Do you suspect that your spouse is having an affair and are considering hiring a private investigator to get to the bottom of it? If so, look no further than Probity Investigations. We understand the distress that can come with such a scenario and will handle your case with the highest level of professionalism and sensitivity.

At Probity Investigations, we have a team of specialists who are experts at solving infidelity cases. We have helped many get the closure they need and will be able to help you too. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.

Today, we can no longer do anything without leaving a digital trace behind. From Find My Phone apps to online banking, everything we do can be accessed by someone who is looking for that information. While the notion can be disconcerting as we go about our day to day activities, when it comes to private investigations, technology can be the key to cracking a case. It is much to hide than ever before thanks to the use of technology in private investigations.

Location Enabling Apps and Spy Software on Phones

Most of us make use of location enabling apps on our phones. Going beyond apps that are designed to help you locate your phone if you lose it, today users can even enable apps like Facebook to trace their location. More sophisticated spy software can be downloaded on an individual’s phone and works by intercepting the cellular network signals to determine their location. This not only enables PIs to keep track of their whereabouts but can also notify them of user activity on the phone. Such software can also be downloaded on tablets and computers.

Smart Locks

Today, many apartment and office buildings make use of keycards or fobs instead of the traditional lock and key system. Paired with data collection devices, PIs can track who is in the building at any given time as well as who has accessed the building through the unique IDs assigned to each keycard or fob.

Hidden Cameras

Pointing a security camera at someone is the best way of ensuring they will not act authentically. Today, PIs make use of hidden cameras disguised as a variety of items – teddy bears, clocks, air fresheners and more – to get the evidence they need. However, these have their limitations as once the subject moves out of view, they are unable to capture the necessary footage. Enter wearable hidden cameras in the form of watches and even glasses, which can move with the subject.

Sound Amplifiers

What happens when a PI needs to zoom in on a conversation between two people in a noisy environment? These nifty devices known as sound amplifiers allow PIs to pick up on conversations conducted at whisper level.

Hire Your Private Investigator at Probity Investigations

Do you suspect that your spouse is having an affair but are short on evidence? Do you wish there was a way to put your mind at rest for once without worrying over how you are going to obtain that evidence? If so, do not hesitate to hire an private investigator to investigate your case. Our professional PIs at Probity Investigations understand your distress and will handle your case with the highest level of discretion and confidentiality.

At Probity Investigations, we have a team of specialists who are experts at obtaining evidence for spousal affairs. We have helped many obtain closure and will be able to help you too. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.

Some people may use the terms background check and background investigation interchangeably, but the truth is, there are significant differences between them. While the information available in a background check will often be replicated in a background investigation but in more detail, one or the other may be a better option for you depending on your purposes.

Background Checks

Background checks are typically done with the intention of verifying a person’s integrity. Common instances where a background check can be required include scanning an applicant for a job, especially when it comes to jobs where employees are responsible for the wellbeing of others such as nursing and teaching. When you go to a PI to get a background check run, the name of the subject is put through a database only available to law enforcement and PIs.

Below is a list of data that can be acquired from background checks:

  • Date of birth
  • Address and address history
  • Criminal records and judgments (if any)
  • Licenses
  • Properties owned
  • Financial and bankruptcy history
  • Employment history
  • … and more

The problem with background checks is that databases can provide inconsistent information. To this end, an experienced PI will always run a background check through multiple databases before comparing and deciphering the information obtained.

Background Investigations

Background investigations are much more in-depth than background checks and are often conducted to look into a person’s past to determine who they really are. Besides the information that can be glimpsed from a background check, publicly available records can also be utilized to gather insights into a person’s life and character.

In addition, interviews are often conducted as part of a background investigation and can provide valuable insights into an individual’s life. For instance, they may have gone by a different name or lived a completely different life before. This information can be used to sieve out any inconsistencies, misrepresentations, omissions and more.

Background Check or Investigation?

To summarize things, a background check is used to scratch the surface of a person’s character through objective data and information. However, such information alone often does not tell the full story. To truly validate the character of a person, a background investigation is your best bet at leaving no stone unturned.

Hire Your Private Investigator at Probity Investigations

Do you suspect that your spouse is having an affair? Or are you in the midst of a divorce and suspect that your spouse is hiding certain financial information? If so, you may have considered hiring a private investigator to investigate your case. Our professional PIs at Probity Investigations understand the distress that can come with such cases and will handle your information with the highest level of discretion and confidentiality.

At Probity Investigations, we have a team of specialists who are experts at obtaining evidence for spousal affairs and alimony cases. We have helped many obtain closure and will be able to help you too. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.

When you suspect that your spouse is cheating, the first thing you need is evidence. Most people do not have the time or expertise to conduct their own investigations into their spouse’s life. The best choice is to hire private investigators (PIs) who can carry out an affair investigation discreetly and accurately. However, it is a big plunge that we understand some people may be hesitant to take. In this article, we address some of the FAQs about affair investigations.

What Do I Do After Hiring A PI?

It is important that you act as normally as possible after hiring a PI. Do not do anything you wouldn’t usually do or hint to your spouse that you may be investigating them. If you do so, it would make it significantly harder for our PIs to carry out their work.

What If My Spouse Finds Out I Hired A PI?

At Probity Investigations, our professional PIs are dedicated to upholding the highest levels of confidentiality. We will never reveal to anyone that you have engaged our services and our PIs are trained to detect if a subject becomes suspicious during the course of the investigation. When you engage our services, you are entitled to the same level of confidentiality you would enjoy with an attorney.

What If My Spouse Is Not Cheating?

After conducting a thorough investigation, we report only facts to you. If it turns out that your spouse is not cheating, you can enjoy peace of mind with that fact as well as knowing that they will never need to find out you hired a PI.

How Many PIs Are Used in An Affair Investigation?

In standard cases, only one PI is used. This is the wisest option in order not to arouse suspicion and to keep costs down. However, in more challenging cases such as following a subject in a high-security building, two or more investigators can be used.

Will I Receive Evidence When the Investigation Is Completed?

After we have completed the investigation, you will be provided with a written report as well as videotapes documenting the evidence behind your spouse’s infidelity.

Will My PI Testify in Court?

If it turns out that your spouse has been cheating and you decide to take them to court, our PIs are able to testify for you for an additional fee.

Hire Your Affair Investigator at Probity Investigations

Have you been going through emotional stress due to a suspicion that your spouse is being unfaithful? Have you considered hiring an affair investigator to get to the bottom of it and obtain closure? Look no further than Probity Investigations if that is the case. We understand the distress that can come with cheating spouses and will handle your case with the highest level of discretion and confidentiality.

At Probity Investigations, we have a team of specialists who are experts at solving infidelity cases. We have helped many get the closure they need and will be able to help you too. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.

In today’s day and age, many do not know the real definition of what a private investigator is. Instead, the only knowledge we have about them is what we have seen or observed on movies and television shows, like how they would always wear long coats, smoke cigars, and keep their identity hidden.

However, not many understand the real definition of working as a private investigator, which is certainly not what we see in fiction and stories.

Origins of a Private Investigator

The background of private investigators is enlightening as it allows us to understand what they do, as well as what they contribute towards society. During the 1800s in the United States, it evoked the trend of hiring private investigators, since the start of Pinkertons, an agency of private detectives. Many would employ them as means for their own protection, or as private soldiers for the military.

Private detectives help their customers in providing them with top-secret information, unraveling mysteries, and exposing confidential matters. If those are the services that you need, then you are certainly in the right place.

The New and Improved Private Investigations Field

It is no doubt that private detectives have spent most of their time picking up the pieces from the police and placing them together. On top of that, they are the ones who have invented many types of investigative methodology that we use today. However, the industry has evolved in various ways.

A private detective’s job scope has expanded as it is much easier for the public to get hold of them today, in comparison with the past, due to the growth of technology and social media. Society is ever-evolving, which means that there will be more needs to be met, broadening a private investigator’s job scope. Nowadays, not only do they hunt down lawbreakers, but they also help to solve unethical issues in the workplace.

The type of task a private investigator can have is never-ending. It all begins with the main idea, which is to acquire all types of information based on the task at hand. To get there, a private investigator starts by searching for any useful details of the person or situation, doing background checks, searching for an address or mobile number, unraveling bank statements, and exploring past workplaces.

Private investigators are equipped with the right expertise and skills to carry out their mission. In fact, once a client provides them with some information, they are easily able to point out suspicious activity, expose secret documents, and find any object. Therefore, with the use of research and a little bit of handy work, the job will be done in no time.

Among many reasons, two main reasons why private investigators are hired is to expose a cheating spouse/partner in a relationship and find missing persons, which to them is a piece of cake.

Employ a Professional in the Industry

All in all, the most important work of a private investigator is sharing what they have found with their customer or client and allowing them to see the truth without their discretion being compromised. It is their duty to ensure that the client’s interests are served.

Employing a private investigator will not only solve your issues but also open many more opportunities for you in solving other problems as well.  If you ever feel out of place and need someone to get to the bottom of things, Probity Investigations is here for you. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.

The list of reasons why people consider hiring a private investigator grows constantly, and with it, common misconceptions of what private investigators really are. Let us debunk some of these myths which may have been falsely reinforced by what you have seen or heard from one of those thrilling detective movies.

Spying on Others

Although much information can be gained through insight into a person’s private conversations or home the following are prohibited by law:

  • Trespassing and picking locks: Permission must be obtained from the owner before entering a property, building, or house.
  • Installation of wiretapping devices or the usage of recording devices: Although listening in on conversations may be a great way to obtain useful information, one-party or two-party consent is required depending on the location. This means, either one party can record the conversation without the other being aware that the conversation is being recorded, or both parties must be made aware before the conversation can be recorded.

Although the above may not be allowed, carrying out stakeouts or observing a person in public is not against the law and much information and evidence can be still be gathered through these investigative techniques.

Wearing a Uniform or Carrying a Badge

Although specific licensing is required to be a private investigator in majority of the states, they are neither licensed to carry a badge as they are not part of the law enforcement, nor are they allowed to wear a uniform or impersonate a law enforcement officer. In certain places where a badge is required, they are careful to avoid giving the impression that they are with the law enforcement officers.

Arresting Someone

While private investigators can help to gather information and provide documentation on the crime which could lead to a person’s arrest, they would not be the one carrying out the actual arrest unless it is within their jurisdiction. Again, this would depend on the location they are in. They can, however, assist to detain a person until the police arrives.

Obtaining Someone’s Private Information

Private investigators can help to obtain and gather different records, monitor a person’s movements and activities, investigate affairs, or comb through available online databases for information such as criminal records, marital history, mortgage information, social media profiles, owned properties etc.

However, they cannot hack into a person’s account online or access protected information. For example, they could find out what type of bank account a person has but would not be able to find out how much money is stored in the bank. Depending on the location they are in, there may be other types of protected information that a private investigator may not have access to.

Selling a Client’s Information

Some may hesitate to reach out to private investigators in fear that their personal information may be disclosed at the right price. However, any respectable and licensed agency would be professional and discreet in handling your investigation.

Curious to find out more? Reach out to us at Probity Investigations for a free consultation today.

You are no stranger to what a private investigator does. You have probably seen or heard about them from the movies, or maybe someone you know has hired them before. You know that we are skilled in helping to monitor, track, and gather information (perhaps you require evidence on a cheating spouse) depending on the service required, but here are a few services you may not have heard of:

Searching for Hidden Devices

As private investigators, we are skilled at installing hidden devices which could be used to spy, track, or monitor a person’s activities. However, this also means that we are equally skilled in locating such devices for you. If you think that someone is spying on you, contact us at Probity Investigations for advice on how to locate and get rid of hidden surveillance around you.

Social Media/Online Investigations

As computer forensic experts, private investigators can now delve into the digital world:

  • Helping you monitor your child’s online activity and protect them from exposure to harmful content.
  • Conducting background research/investigation on people as required, through their social media accounts. Even if they do not have personal social media accounts, our computer forensic experts may still be able to identify them through relatives/associates/employer social media accounts.
  • Identifying affiliations/relationships through social media account connections
  • Employing special software to monitor email activity, web activity, or even instant messaging chats

Alimony Modification Investigations

Perhaps you may have experienced a divorce or know of someone who has undergone it. This is no easy ordeal and can be very emotionally-taxing. To top it off, settling an alimony modification case can be a long, frustrating matter to deal with on a monthly basis.

Perhaps your ex-spouse is not paying the full amount ordered by the court, is cutting back on child support claiming that he or she does not have enough money, or maybe even pushing for a higher alimony amount. While these could have been precipitated by a change in lifestyle (e.g., loss in income), it would be best to leave it to the experts to provide you with documentation that could help corroborate what your ex-spouse is telling you.

A private investigative agency can help you to gather the necessary information (e.g., monitoring an ex-spouse’s expenditure/income, unearthing possible hidden assets) to provide the court with evidence required to change the previous alimony amount.

Background Checks for New Hires

This is not something new, we’ve probably either conducted a background check or undergone a background check during the hiring process. Although we are most likely to call up a reference contact or two to verify information and character, it is always good to run a detailed background check for peace of mind.

Detail background checks could cover any of the following or more:

  • Criminal Records
  • Medical Records
  • License History (Ensure your new hire is properly licensed to operate a vehicle or machine)
  • Social Media Accounts (Find out more about their character)
  • Previous Employment (Ensure that their work accomplishments were not embellished, was the company they worked at real or fake?)

Leaving the background checks to a skilled private investigative agency would most certainly help distinguish the candidates you are looking to hire, saving much time and effort on your end.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach us at Probity Investigations for a free consultation today.

It is never easy to put yourself forward and call for an affair investigation on your spouse or partner. However, at Probity Investigations, it is in our best interest to help you reach the closure and truth that you deserve as being in the dark is something nobody wants. However, it is important to note some considerations you must look into, before hiring a private investigator to help you solve your issue.

Is Divorce in the Picture?

Asking yourself what your plans are after finding out if your spouse is cheating is highly recommended. If you are confronting them, it only requires a short amount of time to prove that your spouse has been lying about their location or their actions.

However, when it comes to serious court actions such as divorcing your spouse, seeking damages for marital waste, and asking for child custody, it takes much more work and effort to find concrete proof. A court of law requires hard evidence when it comes to these cases. Therefore, it may be more expensive as more evidence needs to be unraveled.

Your Privacy is Ensured

Most times, clients are afraid that if they engage in contacting a private investigator, they might be exposed to their discrete actions to their partner. Though, to reassure all of them, it is stated in Florida Law that private investigators must maintain full non-disclosure for their clients. Nevertheless, it is not a rare occurrence for the public to confide in us with infidelity concerns.

Keeping that in mind, it is essential for you to share all the details and information you have about the situation so that we can provide the best results. Your secret is always safe with us, as it is our outright duty to ensure that this engagement is completely confidential.

Take Note of your Spouse’s Pursuits

Before we get to the bottom of things and discover if your partner or spouse is cheating on you, you must first build up a schedule. In this schedule, it includes the details of when and where your partner is, especially at the times when you could not reach them through their mobile phone, or the times when they go out of the house at weird timings.

This schedule would greatly allow us to better track them down and survey them if they are being honest with their whereabouts. On top of that, it can provide us a good timing when we can catch them in the act of their infidelity. The building of this schedule on your partner is critical.

It is Not Always the Case

In some instances, private investigators that conduct full surveillance of your spouse or partner may find that they have been sincerely truthful on their whereabouts and that they have not been involving themselves in committing suspicious acts.

Despite that, it is always better to be safe than sorry as your spouse is someone you would spend the rest of your life with. To achieve peace of mind, Probity Investigations is always at your service. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.

Polygraph testing is often used by private investigators to determine whether someone is telling the truth. Psychological stimuli causes physiological changes in the body which will then be picked up by the polygraph. When someone senses danger, the body’s nervous system will send the body into a fight, flight or freeze state. This occurs naturally and cannot be controlled no matter how hard one tries. This state will cause the body to undergo changes which can be measured by the polygraph. A polygraph examination can take up to 3 hours and includes four different segments including the pre-test interview, collection of charts, analysis and the post-test interview.

Pre-Test Interview

The examiner will explain how the test will work during the pre-test interview. He will also discuss the issue they are trying to investigate and develop the questions to be asked during the examination. This is a crucial component of the entire process and can take the longest to complete. The examinee will have to decide whether they want to lie or to tell the truth.

Pneumographs that can measure respiratory function will be attached to the examinee’s abdomen and chest. On the examinee’s upper arm, a blood-pressure cuff will be attached to it. Galvanometers, which are essentially fingerplates, will also be attached to two of the examinee’s fingers. These finger plates determine how well the skin conduct electricity. When the skin is sweaty, it will conduct electricity more easily.

The information collected from the pneumograph, blood-pressure cuff and galvanometers will be recorded on a computer screen and charted for professionals to analyze.

Chart Collection

Question sets developed during the pre-test interview will be asked during this phase. The examinee will be asked the questions 2-4 times with a 20-45 second interval in between in order to record a precise reading.

Chart Analysis

Once the information has been collected and charted, the examiners will analyze what they see on the polygrams. The polygram will be reviewed by more than one person to ensure quality control. After a stringent evaluation and review process, the examiners will reach a final decision.

Post-test Interview

Test results will be given to the examinee during the post-test interview. This is also a chance for both the examiner and examinee to clarify any questions they may have. The examinee may also be given the opportunity to explain their perspective on the final result.

Final Report

In the final report, both the results and the findings of the polygraph examination will be recorded. This includes the questions asked during the examination as well as the professional opinion of the polygraph examiner. A polygraph examiner may come to the following conclusions:

  • Inconclusive: Not enough data was gathered to judge the examinee.
  • Deception Indicated: Examinee was untruthful in his responses to the questions asked.
  • No Deception Indicated: Examinee was telling the truth in his responses to the questions asked.

Polygraph testing is often used to assist investigations to determine whether someone is telling the truth. If you wish to schedule a polygraph testing to figure out the truth, Probity Investigations can help you find a polygraph examiner near you to help you. Polygraph examiners in our network are reliable and efficient, and can get you the results of the examination quickly. Visit us and schedule a polygraph examiner today.