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This post was written during the Coronavirus pandemic, primarily because we’ve received several calls from people looking for their loved ones. Typically, missing people end up in a hospital for several reasons – from injuries sustained while on the streets, mental health issues, or being transported to the hospital after an arrest.

The Coronavirus crisis created a new type of case for private investigators. We’ve received calls from concerned family members who believe their loved one is in a hospital but can’t communicate out to them. We’ve received calls from people who said that their elderly parents don’t have social media accounts, and they’ve been unable to reach their loved ones at home / have not reached out in a while, and they want us to conduct a welfare check on their behalf – in other words, because of the tight restrictions on travel, children, parents, and relatives are limited on how they can communicate.

If you’re wanting our team to conduct a welfare check on your loved ones, we can help. If you suspect your loved one may be in a hospital, but you’re unable to track them done, we’re going to give you some information on how you can track them down on your own. If you’re still unable to locate them, our team can work with you on how to track down a missing person or loved one in Georgia.

Let’s start with the information that you’ll need:

  1. You’re going to need their personal information. This includes their full legal name, and their date of birth.
  2. Because medical information is private, you’ll need as much information as possible about your loved one – known address, social security *not always*, spouse name, phone number, etc. In other words, you need to prove to the person on the phone that you are a real family member.
  3. Possible pictures of your loved ones or a detailed description – in case your loved one is in a hospital as a Jane or John Doe.

Before we get too far ahead: “John Doe” and “Jane Doe” are multiple-use names that are used when the true name of a person is unknown or is being intentionally concealed.

Now that you have some of this information, you need to start the search. At this current time, hospitals are under intense pressure, so you need to understand that this process will NOT be a call and done. There will be long delays, long hold times, and you’ll be passed around between several members of the hospital administration.

The first thing you need to do is locate the possible hospitals around your loved ones. Jot down their contact information. You want to write down every Emergency Room and Hospital within a 20 mile radius of their last known location. Most urgent care clinics do not hold people overnight, so you can pass on those medical locations.

Once you have your hospitals in place, start calling down the list. For the most part, every hospital is going to have an admission point of contact. They’ll be the ones who know whether your relative was admitted into the hospital or not. If they don’t have an admissions person, try speak to the hospital customer service team member, they’ll point you in the right direction.

Ask to see if the hospital has received any Jane or John does in the last XYZ Time range. Give them your information, and give them a description of the person you’re looking for. They may ask for you to email them a photo of your Jane or John Doe – send them anything you have.

Keep in mind, in the United States, we have strict HIPPA laws that make it difficult for you to get information on a patient. That’s why you need to have as much information as possible on your missing person – it’s a lot easier for a hospital to verify if your love done is in the hospital, when you are a relative.

If this doesn’t work, contact the local police department to see if they’ve received any calls to a particular home address (if they have an address), or if they’ve picked up and transported anyone to the hospital that meets your missing person.

Lastly, if you can always contact a private investigator – We are Atlanta Private Investigators, but we work across Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. We can help conduct an alive and wellness check on your loved one.

Private investigators are extensions that you can hire to deliver a message, letters, information, documents, etc. We’re here to assist you when all else fails. Request a free confidential consultation to see how we can help.

Unless you have full control over your body, when you lie, your heart starts to race. Yo start to breathe heavier. You start to pant. Your blood pressure starts to go up. You start to sweat. These are physical signs that anyone can easily see – a polygraph machine detects these same sings, at a much smaller scale.

The machine picks up and records changes in a person’s blood pressure, pulse rate and strength, galvanic skin response (sweat gland activity), and upper and lower breathing patterns. It does not matter if the person being tested becomes “nervous” during the examination – that is very common. The polygraph records significant changes from the subject when specific questions are answered. A person intending deception to a particular question will activate his/her Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) as a “self defense” mechanism when that specific question (threat) is asked on the test. The SNS activation will cause recognizable changes in one or more of the physiological responses.

On this article, we’re going to answer and address what goes into an examination. How long the examination usually lasts. How the test is setup. Lastly, what you can expect when you hire our team to conduct a polygraph examination.

Getting Started

Setting up the machine is not as simple as television makes it out to be – a plug and play scenario. We have to setup the machine, setup the examination environment, prepare the area, and schedule out enough time to conduct the examination. Because our machines detect physiological changes, we need to ensure the environment is as neutral as possible. We recommend scheduling the exam at least a weak in advance.

Starting the Examination

After the machine has been setup, the polygraph examiner is going to calibrate the machine by registering a baseline for your vital signs. The examiner will ask you a series of questions that he’ll use as a control. These questions will range from:

  1. Is your name John?
  2. Are you 27 Years old?
  3. Have you ever lied?
  4. Have you committed a crime?

There will be a few trick questions that will be thrown into the mix. These questions are used to help create a true control and baseline report for your vital signs.

How Long is a Polygraph Examination?

Depending on the type of polygraph examination, they can take about 90 minutes – sometimes more. If more questions must be asked, another polygraph examination must be designed and conducted following the first one. This usually adds to the time and cost involved. Finally, a healthy individual can only produce readable polygraph charts for a limited period of time. After this time has expired, it is impossible to generate a conclusive polygraph examination and any further examinations must be scheduled for a different day.

Can People “Beat” the Examination?

The polygraph instrument works by recording changes in a person’s Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS), part of the Autonomic Nervous System, which operates independently of conscious thought.

For example, your lungs and heart continue to operate even when you are asleep – you don’t have to think about it. These systems can be consciously controlled only very slightly, and attempts (countermeasures) to change these systems are usually picked up by the polygraph examiners, who are trained to identify countermeasure techniques. It is highly unlikely that someone can alter the outcome of a polygraph examination, but it is not impossible. A verified accuracy rate as high as 95% attests to this fact.

Use of certain drugs and medications can also affect the polygraph examination, but such use generally results in an “No Opinion” (inconclusive) polygraph examination. It is virtually impossible to change a result from “deceptive” to “truthful” through the use of drugs or medications prior to a polygraph examination.

Are Polygraph Examinations Admissible in Court?

It depends. Some courts have allowed the introduction of polygraph evidence while others have not. Each jurisdiction must be checked to determine admissibility standards. One of the greatest fears keeping polygraph evidence out of courts is the fact that such evidence would carry greater weight than other equally-important evidence and would tend to sway a jury in one direction even though other evidence may point the other way.

In most cases, polygraph evidence is used during pretrial negotiations, administrative hearings, and during sentencing rather than during the trial itself. Contact our team and request a free consultation. Our team can help you determine if a Polygraph Examination is the right fit for your needs.

Can Someone Under 18 be Administered an Examination?

Yes, but the polygraph examiner must first have written consent of a parent or guardian. However, most polygraph examiners will not test anyone under the age of 12 years old barring extraordinary circumstances.

Are The PI Agency’s Polygraph Deposits Refundable?

If the polygraph examiner does not administer your polygraph due to his/her choice or schedule problem, the deposit is refundable. If the client cancels the polygraph examination for any reason, the deposit and additional fees discussed above is forfeited and another deposit must be applied prior to rescheduling. As we stead at the start of the article, setting up an examination takes time. During this time, our polygraph examiners block off their schedule to ensure your needs will be met.

Why Should I Use a Polygraph Examination?

When the evidence is not simply enough from cheating family members to office theft, you should not make life changing decisions based on emotions or beliefs alone. Perform a polygraph test to get proven results, our expert investigators at The PI Agency have the experience to conduct a quick and effective polygraph test.

Reach out to an investigator today to find out how The PI Agency has been protecting people and businesses from the threats of malicious intent.

“There is no disguise which can hide love for long where it exists, or simulate it where it does not.” This quote is a stark reality that can extend sleepless nights and restless days to some people. Infidelity is a bitter truth which is hard to gulp down and even harder to throw up. In our lives, we are constantly in search of true love of a companion who stays by our side forever. And when you finally meet that person, all your dreams turn into reality making your life blissful.

While you are in a committed relationship, if you inadvertently come to know that what you perceived as affection is now someone else’s reason of happiness as your partner is cheating on you; you can clearly see your world crashing down in front of you. The pain of heartbreak is unimaginable, but the inability of not being able to express it or confront your partner is even more hurtful. You see your partner lying and betraying you, but you are clueless about what you should do next. This not only wreaks you emotionally, but also destroys your self-respect and confidence.

You can feel extremely helpless at times, while at other times find yourself trying to gather courage to speak about the betrayal. There are many doubts, such as what if you couldn’t prove it or what if your partner quashed all the allegations as false. The inner turmoil is too fierce to be at peace even for a second. The much needed thing in such times is a trusted ally, but when the matter is so sensitive, it is not at all easy to rely on anyone else for assistance. This is where a private investigator comes into the picture. A private investigator working on a case of infidelity is a professional whose duty is to collect sufficient evidence against an individual who is cheating on his or her spouse to prepare a strong case and help in getting justice.

These professionals are able to notice things that can prove to be strong evidence for your case. They deal with your personal matter with a sense of confidentiality and make you feel safe while fighting the case with your cheating partner. All the proceedings are performed in a discreet manner and documented adhering to legal aspects to refrain any outer interference. While everything is done within legal boundaries, your time and emotional state is their first priority. Many people take too long to approach an investigator due to many doubts which further reduce their chances of justice. Hence, you need to take prompt action before it’s too late and find a private investigator in Atlanta, Georgia through a reliable web based service for effective action.

Todd Redding is a veteran licensed private investigator that specializes in affair discovery, cheating spouse and alimony private investigations. The PI Agency is a 20 year Atlanta, Georgia based private investigation agency that caters to the needs of domestic and civil private investigations throughout Georgia, Alabama and Florida. You don’t have to face this difficult situation alone, please call The PI Agency , 1-888-777-0683. Best of all, “His advice is always free.”

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Honey, We Need to Talk.

It turns out that when it comes to talking about relationships, men know something that most women don’t. Despite a woman’s best intentions, talking about your relationship has a better chance of making things worse rather than better. It has nothing to do with his lack of interest or poor communication skills.

Most women want to talk because it makes them feel better if they’re upset. Guys don’t want to talk because it won’t make them feel better. Instead, it will make them feel worse. Either way, if a conversation is forced, both of you will end feeling discouraged and could possibly disconnect. The disconnection creates loneliness and is found at the heart of every argument or silence treatment, aging on your disappointment or resentment. It likely will create distance that can ultimately destroy your relationship.

The real reason a woman needs to talk it out, aside from resentment and frustration, is disconnection makes her feel anxious and, on a bigger level, isolated and afraid. The reason a man doesn’t want to talk about the relationship is because her dissatisfaction with him makes him feel like a failure. On a bigger level, he feels ashamed. His shame is way too big to allow him to understand her fear, and her fear keeps her from seeing his shame. When we try to overcome our feelings of vulnerability in opposite ways, by talking and not talking, all we end up sharing are disappointment and heartache.

It’s About Connection

The male-female disconnection is the biggest single factor in the soaring divorce rate. About 80 percent of all divorcees say they “grew apart.” This is very tragic because it is so unnecessary. A wife doesn’t want another girlfriend; she wants a deeper connection with her husband. But her female oriented attempts to get what they both want would fail even if he were less resistant. That is because their problem is not about communication. It is about disconnection. They are not disconnected because they have poor communication; they have poor communication because they are disconnected. At the beginning of a relationship, when you feel connected, you communicate just fine. You will talk to each other for hours. When the wife exposed vulnerable feelings, he responded with protectiveness and support. She fell in love because she felt emotionally connected and her belief that he would be there for her satisfied all her fears. The husband also fell in love because he felt emotionally connected to her. She made him feel important and successful as a lover, protector, and provider, which reduced any threat of feeling inadequate. The best chance of saving your marriage is to return to this state of mutually satisfying and empowering connection.

Todd Redding is a professional private investigator specializing in affair discovery. His 23 years of experience has given him a keen sense of how a marriage works successfully. If your marriage is in jeopardy of an affair and you need to find out the truth, call our agency for free advice. We will hold your hand from start to finish. Call 1-888-777-0683. Remember, “Our Advice is always free!”