How to Track Down a Missing Person in a Hospital

This post was written during the Coronavirus pandemic, primarily because we’ve received several calls from people looking for their loved ones. Typically, missing people end up in a hospital for several reasons – from injuries sustained while on the streets, mental health issues, or being transported to the hospital after an arrest. The Coronavirus crisis […]

Everything There Is to Know About Our Atlanta Polygraph Examiner Services

Unless you have full control over your body, when you lie, your heart starts to race. Yo start to breathe heavier. You start to pant. Your blood pressure starts to go up. You start to sweat. These are physical signs that anyone can easily see – a polygraph machine detects these same sings, at a […]

Professional Private Investigators Help Fight Infidelity

“There is no disguise which can hide love for long where it exists, or simulate it where it does not.” This quote is a stark reality that can extend sleepless nights and restless days to some people. Infidelity is a bitter truth which is hard to gulp down and even harder to throw up. In […]

Private Investigator Counseling for Couples

Honey, We Need to Talk. It turns out that when it comes to talking about relationships, men know something that most women don’t. Despite a woman’s best intentions, talking about your relationship has a better chance of making things worse rather than better. It has nothing to do with his lack of interest or poor […]