The Other Woman

In the blur of emotions after the confirmation your husband is cheating its common for the other woman to spring to mind. Who is she? What does she have that you don’t? Most of all, why her? On some level you understand why the cheating occurred, the underlying tension between the two of you has just been building. Now you just want to understand why she would knowingly wreck your home. When it comes to be the “other” women there are actually a few reasons why a woman may have become entangled with your husband.

  • She honestly didn’t know. While this may be one of the most overused and not always honest responses, sometimes she just didn’t know.
  • She is also in a relationship where she feels alienated from her significant other. Often the initial attraction can come simply from being desired, both parties are able to connect through the thrill that someone is so attracted to them they are willing to cheat.
  • She didn’t think it would do any harm. This rationale is a bit more difficult to process, because she may have actually rationalized the situation to herself and believes that the cheating is actually helping your relationship because he doesn’t feel as stressed after the interludes.
  • She is jealous and is trying to steal him. Perhaps the rarest scenario, yet still the stereotype. This is usually the first thing that springs to mind when you envision her, but in reality there are still the other reasons.

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