How to find the right attorney

Don’t wait until you have to. Find the right one now.

Hopefully, you go through life never needing an attorney.  Maybe you are the one that thought you would never need legal help.  One can only pray that the need will never arise.  But, now you are here and your conscience is saying, “I told you so,” and you are scrambling to gain some knowledge of what to do.

Well I can congratulate you that you have come to a good place for knowledge.   For 19 years I have worked as a private detective for some of the top corporations in the country and have managed thousands of investigation cases involving insurance fraud, medical malpractice, cheating spouse, non-compete contracts, judgment enforcement, work-place theft, discrimination, law enforcement misconduct, child custody and many other type cases.  What does this have to do with finding an attorney? Well, I haven’t seen them all but I have heard and met all types and I have observed many types in each of these areas I have listed.  So, no matter what your situation is, my guidance on how to find the right attorney applies to everyone, regardless of your situation.

A System Of Complications

When you suddenly land in a situation that requires you to enter a courtroom or understand a legal document, you’ll come face-to-face with this fact: our legal system is complicated. Even legal experts have to specialize, simply because it’s impossible to be familiar with all aspects of the law. You’ll need to get help from someone who makes a career out of navigating this sea of complexity.

In some cases, legal representation is critical. In a divorce, you may need a lawyer to divide up the pots and pans and establish custody of children. In criminal matters, legal representation could be the difference between life … and life behind bars. Or maybe you’re filing a civil suit against your employer for harassment or discrimination. Or you’re self-employed-or want to be-and you’d like to plan for your financial future.

When these situations come up, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to proceed without a lawyer. Other times, however, you may not need one. How will you know? Answering these questions can help:

  • Does the other side have an attorney?
  • Could the outcome justify the expense of legal representation?
  • Will the outcome affect the rest of my life?
  • Am I unsure of all possible consequences and legalities?

How Do I Find A Lawyer?

In Atlanta, Georgia, where Probity Investigations is located, there are more than 12,000 lawyers according to the State Bar of Georgia directory. How do you find the right one?

First off, give yourself enough time for research and be watchful of certain traps that can slow the process:

Uninformed Referrals

If you ask friends, neighbors and relatives to recommend a lawyer, chances are they used their attorney to handle a case that involves a different aspect of the law than what you’re facing. Adding to this problem is the fact that your friends, neighbors and relatives probably got their references from their friends, neighbors or relatives. These kinds of references usually aren’t the best ones to accept.

Conflicting Loyalties

Another mistake is to ask a lawyer to recommend another lawyer who specializes in cases like yours. If you’re faced with criminal charges, don’t ask the lawyer who handled your divorce for his recommendation. Many lawyers receive referral fees for their recommendations. Of course, if you really trust him, his recommendation might be a sound one.

Also, a lawyer in one field may know nothing about the qualifications of a lawyer in another. It’s so specialized that it would be similar to asking a mechanic for the name of a good pediatrician. You might get lucky and happen upon the perfect lawyer, but do you want your case to depend on coincidence?

Sharing Attorneys

Many women facing divorce allow their husbands to pick an attorney to represent both of them. Even if it’s an amicable parting, most reputable lawyers will recommend that each party retain his or her own lawyer to look out for the best interests of the client. You not only need equal and objective representation, but superior representation. Insure that your attorney is looking out for you, first and foremost.

Marketing Ploys

You could consult the Yellow Pages or take down a number flashed on a TV commercial, but that’s not going to narrow your options. Even incompetent lawyers know how to market themselves and appeal to your needs. Also, be careful of Attorney Referral Services. These services are paid by lawyers for self referrals.

Attorney’s will compete for your money and guide you to a misinformed decision if you are not careful. Studies from Harvard School of Law tell us that over 90% of all domestic litigation is supported by the results of investigative services.

The PI Agency Promise

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