When you suspect a person of being involved in unlawful activities that may be harmful to your personal interest or the interest of a larger group, it becomes important to ensure that every doubt is quashed for good. But not without facts. And that is when you need to start looking for a private investigator in Seattle or a private detective in Olympia who can look into the heart of the matter from a closer angle.

At The PI Agency, we ensure that the people you suspect are brought under our observation immediately and carefully. Whether you need someone to play the devil’s advocate and present possibilities that you never thought of or you need someone to keep a close eye on the activities of a certain person, our qualified team can do that for you, using several ways like polygraph testing WA, GPS vehicle tracking, computer monitoring, cell phone forensics and more.

Every case is carefully looked into before we can decide to go ahead with our processes. You can ask us for our services in a vast range of situations like to dig up the professional history of your prospective employees for verification purposes or to find out if your spouse has been cheating on you and so on.