Is Someone Listening?

You hadn’t set the phone down for more than a minute when she called demanding to know who this mystery girl was. Your first reaction is to look over your shoulder, but even after spinning 360 degrees you don’t see anyone. There a few people across the street on their phone looking at you, but could they hear you from across the street? While you try to rapidly assess how she knew her voice is screaming in your ear, with increasingly frantic calls about the call you just ended.  After several rushed declarations of innocence, an explanation that she is just a coworker and you were discussing the surprise party for your boss, and her huffing out a final “ I don’t believe you” and her hanging up on you, you just stare at your phone in disbelief. How did she know?

With the ever increasing advances in technology new ways to monitor what someone is doing, from apps that can be installed on your phone, bugs in your house, spyware on your computer, to a GPS in your vehicle the amount of tracking someone can perform on you without your knowledge is somewhat unnerving.

If you suspect your phone is being bugged consider the warning signs below:

  • Does your phone turn on suddenly even when not being used?
  • When you go to pick up your phone after not using it is the battery still warm?
  • When you are on a call is there an unexpected click or beep?

If you are feeling trapped, like someone is monitoring the solution could be to call in the professionals. You can contact a Private Investigator.

Before you go running off and calling one there are some precautions you may wish to take.

  • Consider clearing your internet browser history after performing searches
  • Don’t call from your home phone or cell phone, consider purchasing a disposable prepaid phone or borrowing a phone from a friend
  • Don’t place the call from inside your home

All of these actions can prevent tipping off the person monitoring you that you are on to them. Todd Redding is a veteran licensed private investigator that specializes in affair discovery, cheating spouse and alimony private investigations. The PI Agency is a 20 year Atlanta, Georgia based private investigation agency that caters to the needs of domestic and civil private investigations throughout Georgia, Alabama and Florida. You don’t have to face this difficult situation alone, please call The PI Agency, 1-888-777-0683.

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