Signs Your Spouse May Be Cheating

If you suspect something is wrong in your relationship with your spouse and you are beginning to wonder if they may be cheating on you, then you might be right.  The power of intuition should not be underestimated!

When a spouse is cheating, it is completely natural to have an intense ‘gut feeling’, however, what evidence can you gather on your own to support this feeling?  I will answer this question in just a moment.

First, let’s take a look at a list of signs for you to watch for that can be signals that your spouse is being unfaithful. These behaviors can be indicators but not necessarily always correct. If your spouse demonstrates more than one of these behaviors, there is a stronger reason to think that your relationship may be in trouble!

Behavior That Is Not Their Usual Character

  • Does your spouse suddenly seem secretive or detached?
  • Has your spouse had a change of interest in foods or clothing style?
  • Have eating habits (dieting) changed or an increased interest getting into shape?

Birth Control

  • Is your spouse purchasing or using a different type of birth control or using birth control after a long period of time has passed without using any at all?


  • Is your spouse suddenly increasingly concerned about their hygiene and physical appearance?
  • Has your spouse begun using perfume or cologne or changed to an unfamiliar fragrance?

Uncomfortable Around You

  • Is your spouse suddenly overly attached or acting especially guilty around you?
  • Does your spouse over react or become defensive when asked simple, innocent questions?
  • Is your sex life becoming less passionate, less frequent or unimportant?

Computer/Cell Phone/Mobile Device Clues

  • Is your spouse overly protective of their cell phone or password(s)?
  • Is your spouse regularly clearing their browsing history?
  • Have you suddenly discovered a second cell phone or mobile app used to communicate discretely?
  • Has your spouse begun taking calls outside or leaving the room when their phone rings?
  • Does your spouse have a sudden spike in restaurant or shopping charges on their credit card?

Changes in Home and Work Mannerisms

  • Is your spouse coming home later than usual?
  • Does your spouse leave suddenly for errands that are not logical?
  • Has your spouse begun sleeping in a different room or staying awake long after you’re asleep?
  • Do last minute office meetings occur more frequently?
  • Has your spouse started treating you in a different manner?
  • Does your spouse spend less time with the children than typical?


If your spouse shows any of these signs, you might consider the help of a private investigator specialist to make certain the behavioral changes are not the result of an affair outside of your relationship.  Remember, these are simply signs to look for that can confirm your feelings or intuition as to whether your spouse might be cheating, but not definitive proof.  If you need someone to speak to our advice is always free!


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