Signs Your Child is Being Abused

Are you strangely having behavioral challenges with your child and are unable to figure out why? One thing to consider is that they may be getting abused from a  childcare provider, teacher, step-parent or parent that has temporary custody.  Unhealthy care, abuse and even violence outside of the home, unfortunately, happens more than you would think and can be the leading reason of a sudden and progressive change in a child’s behavior .

When children are exposed to violence and abuse, their expectations for an unsurprising world are shattered and they may lose their basic trust in authority figures. When exposed to violence and abuse, children’s reactions can be immediate or appear much later. Reactions differ in severity, based on a child’s home life, and cover a range of behaviors depending on the occurrence, intensity, and frequency of the traumatic events.

Here are some warning signs that your child could be abused away from home:

■ has your child become passive and lost an interest in playing?

■ has your child become overly-compliant?

■does your child show signs of extreme irritability or have difficulty calming down?

■ does your child become easily startled?

■ behaviors more common in younger children: sudden bed wetting after successful potty-training, chronic thumb sucking or hysterical crying can be major warning signs.

■ does your child throw frequent tantrums?

■ does your child have changes in levels of activity or is more exhausted than usual?

■ does your child obsess on specific events over and over in play or conversation?


If your child shows any of these signs, you might consider hiring a private investigator specialist to look into the welfare of your child to make certain the behavioral changes are not the result of abuse outside of their home.

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