A Private Investigator’s Night Vision Solution

The AstroScope for Canon SLR is a great night vision PI camera lens. Night vision camera lenses can play a major role in a Private Investigation. Having one that is stable clear and reliable is very important and can mean getting that perfect shot for evidence.
One lens that is impressive dependable and fairly easy to configure is the AstroScope 9350. This modular night vision system will convert your Canon SLR into a powerful night recording device with its Central Intensifier Unit that transforms dark night scenes into bright, high resolution images. The CIU is powered directly from the camera so you will have to make sure you’re running with more than enough battery power when using this lens.
Despite some of the complexities of this lens most camera functions including high quality lens stabilization are retained and there is really not much configuration needed in its setup to the camera. In general this powerful lens is out of box ready to work with your Canon SLR and you can get on your way with the investigation.
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