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The Service of a Private Investigator in West Palm Beach

Private Investigators and detectives analyze information to find facts and resolve financial, legal, and even personal matters. They offer numerous services such as finding missing individuals, background verification, and computer crimes.

We, at The PI Agency, offer various services to help you with your investigation needs. We offer services such as spouse investigations, vehicle tracking, cell phone forensics, computer monitoring, alimony relief, child welfare, and polygraph testing. We also offer a free consultation to provide you with the right private investigator in West Palm Beach.

Types of Private Investigator

There are different types of private investigators and detectives that you can hire. The following is a short list of the most common type of investigators and detectives.

Legal Investigators - These investigators help in preparing criminal defenses, verifying facts for lawsuits, serving legal documents, and locating witnesses. They usually work for law firms or individual lawyers.

Computer forensic Investigators - They specialize in analyzing, presenting, and recovering evidence and information from computers. They can even recover emails and documents that have already been deleted. 

Corporate Investigators - These investigators conduct both internal and external corporate investigations. They would usually investigate possible drug use inside the workplace and prevent abuse of corporate expense accounts. When investigating outside the workplace, they identify and prevent criminal schemes such as the supplier trying to bill accounts fraudulently.

Financial Investigators - They are hired to collect and verify financial information on target individuals and corporations or companies with extreme financial transactions. These types of investigators are usually certified accountants and work with bankers, accountants, and loan companies. They are also capable of finding hidden assets to present to the court in order to recover damages caused by fraud and theft.

Store Detectives - They are known to be the loss prevention agents and catches shoppers or people that tries or has destroyed store properties and stolen merchandise.

Duties of an Investigator

The duties of a private investigator play an important role in helping the law enforcers, corporation and individuals achieve their goals and legal rights. The investigator spends most of his time doing research. They would research legal records, conduct a computer search, family background check, and individual background check. These research will help resolve a criminal investigation or a possible crime.

Part of their job is also to find facts using the interview method to collect vital information. They will interview neighbors, relatives, witnesses, and someone that is relevant to the case they are working on. Combining their research and interviews will help them solve or present evidence to the court.

They also conduct surveillance, this involves monitoring and watching an individual without him knowing it. They will record and report the information they have gathered to the law enforcers or an individual client. They use various techniques to effectively do surveillance without being caught by the person they are following.

The PI Agency has a private investigator in West Palm Beach that is capable to help you with your personal and corporate investigation needs.

Private Investigator West Palm Beach
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