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The Right Thing with a Private Investigator in Marietta

A lot of Americans grow up believing that the world is fair and that most people are trying to do the “right thing” in their endeavors. And while most people are well-intentioned there are those who have less than honorable “goals”. And those people are protected by two of the fundamental tenets of the USA legal system: that all people are presumed innocent of any charge until proven guilty and that they are entitled to equal protection under the law. Victims seeking justice face frustration when they are unable to provide ample proof of the wrongdoing.

For major crimes and multimillion-dollar civil cases, experienced lawyers will battle it out in court with the winning lawyer taking a hefty chunk of the settlement. But the average person facing legal matters will likely need some help to gather evidence to support their case. In Marietta, Georgia that help is available through Probity Investigations, Inc. was also known as The PI

The PI Agency is a Christian based private investigation company that specializes in cheating spouse cases, alimony relief, child welfare and other situations that people often find themselves mixed up in. We offer polygraph testing service for those who feel they have been wrongly accused of a sex crime or charged in a civil rights case. The PI Agency was founded by Todd Redding who credits his faith in leading him to help people seek the truth.

Justice is Blind and She Doesn’t Care

The mistake most people make about the legal justice system is that it actually “cares” about the wronged individual. People can be compassionate and biased, but the legal system is incapable of emotions and depends on evidence to make judgments. An emotional plea by the accused may tear at your “heartstrings” but a fingerprint or DNA evidence (or lack of), should overshadow any theatrics. And it is the duty of the accuser to provide proof of wrongdoing.

Cheating spouse cases are particularly difficult because it is so emotional. There is obviously something wrong with marriage when a wife or husband even thinks of cheating. Love will turn to hate and anger, families are divided, and everyone knows that divorce cases can get expensive and ugly.

The first thing that The PI Agency offers the injured spouse is a confidential “ear” to listen. The next thing is they offer free advice as to how best to proceed.

Money Can’t Cure but it Sure Will Help

Another fact about the legal system is that it can punish the wrongdoer in two ways, imprisonment or a financial penalty. Cheaters rarely face jail time for their dalliances so any settlement will be financial. The PI Agency collects hard evidence using video surveillance, DNA collection, phone records and will even obtain statements from the cheater’s partner. All of this can be used as proof of the affair to convince the cheater to settle or face more severe financial consequences.

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating or have assets that are at risk in a divorce settlement, you need to take steps with a private investigator in Marietta as soon as possible to protect you and your children. Your soon-to-be ex-spouse might be doing the same, so you need to call Todd at The PI Agency for that no-cost consultation to discuss your options. A private investigator in Marietta, Georgia can be reached by a call or text to 678-619-3022.

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