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Where to Find a Private Investigator in Gainesville FL

There are instances in our life where we would need professional help from a private investigator. Usually, this involves both legal and personal conflict that needs a resolution done confidentially and legally.

PI Agency offers services with unmatched solutions that cater to our high net-asset clients. We have local private investigators in Gainesville FL that can accommodate and serve you.

Why Hire an Investigator

A private detective or investigator works with lawyers on criminal defense and capital punishment cases. Also, there are insurance investigators working solely to investigate and verify suspicious insurance claims.

Private investigators can also be hired by spouses to investigate their partner for a no-fault divorce claim, child custody or estate dispute. In the older days, private investigators would collect evidence of adultery as grounds to file a divorce case. In some cases, a spouse needs to hire a private investigator to fight over child custody, alimony, and marital property disputes.

A private investigator also performs due diligence for investors considering to invest in a high-risk business, investment groups, funds manager, and other investment venture. The data collected by the investigator will help the investor avoid fraudulent ventures such as Ponzi schemes and is vital for decision making and legal actions.

What are the Responsibilities of a Private Investigator

Private investigators do a variety of work for the public and designated attorneys. They are responsible for delivering summons personally, involved in process serving, subpoenas, and delivering legal documents to involved parties.

Private investigators also trace absconding debtors and do technical surveillance for countermeasures. It is sometimes called counter electronics measures, it locates or deals with unwanted or illegal forms of surveillance. This type of investigation requires the private investigator to have a background with intelligence and counterintelligence. It also involves dealing with an executive protection order and cover installation of devices for eavesdropping as a tool to prevent terrorism, organized crime, and trafficking investigations.

What is an Undercover Investigator

An undercover detective or investigator is an agent that investigate a person, groups, or organization suspected or confirmed to be doing criminal activity. The agent involved would usually use another person’s identity or pretend to be someone else to infiltrate the suspected insurgent group. The agent will pose or pretend to be interested in the illegal trade and get himself involved in the process with the goal to obtain necessary information against the suspected target.

Undercover agents would carry hidden recorders and cameras in their body to document their actions while doing the investigation. There are times when the investigation takes several months or even years in extreme cases and due to the danger accompanied by the job at hand. They have to hide their real identities throughout their undercover career.

Another type of undercover investigation is one that investigates for business intelligence. The investigator's main goal for this type of investigation is to provide detailed competitor information, special security information, background investigations, and profile polygraph test.

There are different private investigator that you can hire depends on your needs and purpose. We, at the PI Agency, have investigators that are experts in their chosen field, be it investigating your spouse, sourcing confidential evidence, polygraph testing and many more - we have the right private investigator in Gainesville FL at your disposal.

Private Investigator Gainesville
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