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If you are searching for any documentary and solid evidence which you want to use for cases like infidelity, polygraph testing, or access to confidential data, try the leading and one of the most credited investigation company in Atlanta, Georgia, the Probity Investigations, Inc.

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Our company offers full service of a team approach in helping attorneys, private individuals, or business groups by means of giving substantial data and evidence support that they can utilize for legal cases. You can ensure credible and reliable service through our pool of expert field detectives who are very well versed and have long term professional experience in any type of surveillance work. Thus, they collaboratively work as a team to fully maximize the response time for each of our customer’s case.

In addition, we also have technical specialists who serve as the online monitoring team, in which they can skillfully handle tracking enhancement devices, computer or phone monitoring and data recovery, video, and audio capturing equipment, and our latest spy and surveillance gadgets.

Private Investigator Clearwater

When it comes to cases like cheating of spouse or infidelity, you can take advantage of our free consultation with a private detective for an alimony case who manages a reliable and proven procedure to properly guide you with necessary and relevant mediation to be done. You can also benefit from the conversation with the investigative discovery support and processes. In this way, you can explore multiple options to plan your next legal step and we can assist you in tailoring the needed approach to take during the investigation. With this, we can accurately acquire the needed court evidence for any of your alimony type either annulment, modification, or the relief type.

In terms of child custody services, we provide a wide range of surveillance strategies and precise documentation from our expert private investigator in Clearwater to support your legal claim for any type of child protection and care. We provide any sort of documentation such as a file, video, or audio records regarding forms of abuse, endangerment, or neglect to children that can harm them in any way and in any form. You can gain a sure win for your case through these benefits which come at a very low cost. We have an hourly basis for the cost with an all-inclusive package expense and with no hidden or additional charges for travel time or mileage forms.

Another major service that you can take advantage of is our polygraph testing service which is commonly utilized for an individual or a group of people who are accused of a certain criminal liability or case. This process can precisely distinguish their guilt or innocence from the case. This approach can be very advantageous to an array of severe cases or mild issues such as theft, sexual offense, proof of innocence, domestic suspicions, and asylum test procedure.

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Private Investigator Clearwater
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