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End your doubt and suspicions by the truth. Do not prolong your agony of trying to figure out what your spouse is up to. We, at The PI Agency, help people like you to put your mind at ease.

Our company provides full-service professional investigation for private individuals through our latest trend of technological equipment and facilities that enhance the accuracy of our service. We offer a free consultation period for you to tackle your problem to guide us in tailoring a more personalized approach of investigation. We offer three types of services such as the cheating spouse case and infidelity acts for legal proof, searching for confidential evidence, and polygraph testing system.

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In terms of infidelity cases, we can provide you with a highly professional detective to investigate your case and who can manageably gather specific evidence for your dishonest spouse. Don’t let the situation worsen; consult our pool of experts for immediate assistance in order for you to avoid more emotional stress. Moreover, investigation in terms of gathering the most confidential file types as evidence can be a very complicated task, but in our company, you can assure that we can provide you with the latest and most accurate data that you need to solve the conflict. The polygraph testing, however, is focused more on immediate test result that will settle your investigation stage.

Private Investigator Buford Facilities and Equipment

 Each of our investigators is equip with wide range of gadgets and devices that truly help in easily providing evidence for individual cases. The most common device we use is the GPS or the Global Positioning System in which it capacitates a person to detect the exact geographical location of the person involved. This includes the vehicle type of tracking device that monitors traveling and staying distances. It also includes the speed of traveling as well as the length of stay per location. There is another tracking system which is called logger or passive tracker because it solely captures the history content of location visits of the vehicle which is stored in a system.

Another type of online investigation is through phone tracking or also called cell phone type of forensic examination as used by our private investigator in Buford. It can also recover deleted data or files from phones such as text or video messages, social media conversation, calling history, photo sharing, download contents, and a lot more data that are stored for back up.

We also have a forensic type of investigation through the use of computers. Our company is using a special type of software that monitors and traces any form of chat messages, email services, web history, and more. The software can be installed through the stealth mode strategy in which the owner of the computer will never notice the app. Through this, you can receive direct report updates for your spouse’s online activities.

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