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Imagine you're going through your monthly bills and come across a credit card charge for a pricey restaurant at which you've never dined. Another credit card bill shows a hotel room stay or a payment to a florist, neither of which you recognize. Is your spouse cheating? A savvy private investigator in Atlanta can tell you for sure.

Nothing feels worse than spousal suspicion. If you have a gut feeling that your significant other is fooling around behind your back, Probity Investigations can discover the truth. Licensed in the state of Georgia, our private investigator in Atlanta has the skills and experience to unearth facts that can confirm or allay your worst fears of infidelity.

Infidelity statistics

  • More than 33 percent of marriages are harmed by cheating
  • 22 percent of men admit to cheating on their significant other at least one time
  • 14 percent of women admit to cheating on their spouse at least once
  • Almost 20 percent of women and men admit to cheating with an in-law
  • 36 percent of cheating spouses do so with a coworker
  • Cheat once and the odds of cheating again are exponentially increased
  • Most affairs occur during the first two years of marriage
  • More than 35 percent of men admit to cheating while traveling on business
  • 10 percent of extramarital affairs begin online
  • 40 percent of online affairs become real-life adulterous affairs

Global Positioning System trackers

GPS is an ideal way to monitor your spouse's whereabouts. An 'active' GPS device provides real-time travel info as well as how long the car was at a specific address. A 'passive' GPS tracking device records vehicle history in a form that can be downloaded and evaluated at a later time but doesn't give you right-now information about vehicular location.

Rent or buy

Probity Investigations will rent a GPS tracking device to you for a flat monthly fee. We can tell you how to install the tracker, or we can attach it to your spouse's vehicle for you. We'll also remove it when the time is right for that. If you want to own the tracker, we'll sell it to you and buy it back when you're done with it. In either case, you will have access to the most advanced satellite tracking technology on the planet today. Most of our clients opt to go the rental route, because our private investigator in Atlanta is exempt from privacy statutes that might get an individual in trouble with the law.

Computer surveillance

Errant spouses have been cheating since long before the Internet came around. Now that websites such as E-Harmony, Match dot com, and Ashley Madison make infidelity so easy, a private investigator in Atlanta may monitor a suspected partner's computer. If you have a sneaking suspicion that your spouse is cheating online, Probity Investigations can watch their activity in a way they will not notice. We offer the option of daily, weekly or monthly reports on your spouse's Internet activity.

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