How does one cheat and have no guilt about it?

There is a small number of the population that never experience guilt when committing the act. A larger majority of people feel the sting of their conscience, however their mental defenses block-out the guilty feelings.
People will resort to blaming, victim thoughts, minimizing their actions, rationalizing, or plain denial as a method to justify their actions and push away the guilty conscience. If there is resentment toward their partner justifying their actions by thinking their partner deserves it. If they have committed to an affair for a long period of time, their heart has likely hardened to the behavior and they don’t feel as guilty.
The lack of remorse doesn’t constitute a lack of conscience. It is an indication that they have thought to the point of justifying what they’ve done in an effort to avoid taking responsibility for their lack of accomplishment in their relationship or marriage.

WHAT were you THINKING??!!!

Sad to say, if they had thought it through and considered the impact of their actions, there is a greater chance they never would have committed the affair. I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard from both men and women that say if they had known the consequences of their actions before they had acted, then they would have never done it! I think few people consciously way all the costs when they act out. For your sake and theirs, I wish they’d been thinking. There would be far less business for me, but the world would be in better relationships.
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