Moments with You Couples Devotional 9/28



Mom Alarm

My children, with whom I am again in labor until Christ is formed in you. GALATIANS 4:19

Sharon's 15-year-old daughter, Kristin, went to the movies with friends, but then she sent her mom a text message saying they couldn't find anything to watch and were going over to Dory's house.

"Dory? Who's Dory?" Sharon asked.

"She's in my biology class, Mom," Kristin texted back. "It'll be great."

But something on Mom's radar told her it wasn't great. She suspected there were no parents at Dory's house. She knew she needed to  go find Kristin—no matter what her daughter might think about it. But Kristin wasn't answering her phone, and Sharon didn't know where Dory lived. However, through a combination of caller ID and an Internet mapping site, she located directions to Dory's house.

Sharon had to ring the doorbell twice when she arrived. An older boy holding a can of beer looked out a window and yelled, "Oh no, it's somebody's mother!" She rang again. Finally, someone came to the door. "Would you please tell Kristin Hersh that her mother is here for her?"

After a minute, Kristin appeared, an ashen look on her face. Sharon feared they were in for a long ride home. But as they walked to the car, Kristin asked, "Mom, how did you know? How did you know I needed you?"

It turned out that some guys from a different school had arrived at the party, talking trash and getting aggressive. It looked like there might be a fight.

Even when your children are resisting your efforts at care and protection, they still need you more than ever. When they get stubborn, keep coming.

When they become unlovable, keep loving.

Don't let them push you out. Don't cave in or capitulate to their culture. Be there for them.


Did you push your parents out of your life when you were a teenager? Discuss how you will handle the lack of popularity with your teen. 


Pray for God to help you and provide a full-screen spiritual radar to discern what is happening in the lives of your children. And pray for the courage and wisdom to use your data well.  


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