Moments with You Couples Devotional 7/16

July 16

Pure Intimacy
by Barbara Rainey

If two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven. MATTHEW 18:19

Romance is certainly not the foundation of marriage, but it sure makes the relationship warm and secure. At times it's the best way to say, "I really love you." In order for romance to flow most freely, however, a husband and wife must be committed to putting God first. And that includes praying together as a couple.

Our wedding day on September 2, 1972, was filled with the usual—family, friends, celebration, vows and (yes) romance. After enjoying the reception and saying our good-byes to everyone, we were off to our wedding night at the historic Warwick Hotel in Houston.

Dennis had planned every detail. After checking in, he encouraged me to take a nap while he went out and bought some flowers. Fine dining, dancing and an elegant, silent elevator ride overlooking the city skyline made the romantic evening truly magical. But back in our room, before we enjoyed becoming one, we knelt beside our bed and prayed, committing this part of our married life to the Lord and asking Him to bless us.

Since then, we have done much to enhance the romance in our marriage: going on Sunday night dates, taking drives together, having private dinners in our bedroom after the kids had gone to bed, splurging on short getaways and other surprise trips.

But whether we've been in a tent in the Rockies or at a fine New York City hotel, through prayer we have invited God to join our relationship, including the romantic aspect of it. There's nothing quite like holding one another tightly as we pray together. In fact, there may not be a more secure feeling in all the world.


Decide together to do something romantic this week. And make sure to invite God to be a part of every aspect of it.


Thank the Lord for not keeping romance off in its own little world, disconnected from your relationship with Him. Thank Him for giving full life to His children.

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