Moments with You Couples Devotional 7/14

July 14

Safely Through

The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer. PSALM 18:2

God has given Barbara and me a real heart for the military wife. Her courage and tenacity at keeping the home fires burning while her soldier is in training or on duty or perhaps gone for many months overseas makes her an unsung hero. Military wives are every bit as much a part of our nation's defense as their husbands who wear the uniform.

But the weight of such responsibility can sometimes become more than one woman can bear. That's what happened to Patty, a mother of five at Fort Leonard Wood in the Missouri Ozarks. Trying hard to keep their family's finances from falling apart, she took on two jobs and ran up huge credit-card bills just to keep basic necessities on the table.

But the pressure mounted beyond her ability to cope. One night while driving home from work, nearing a steep drop in the road, Patty decided to drive off the side and find at its gravelly bottom escape from her stress.

While these dark thoughts swirled in her mind, the sounds of the car radio cut into her conscious mind. It was a FamilyLife Today broadcast, targeted specifically at the needs and concerns of military wives. Patty felt like she was hearing her life described on the air—her same thoughts, same challenges, same struggles, yet wrapped in the big arms of God and in His boundless ability to supply. It was all she needed to get through the night. God had sent her His hope, just when she needed it most.

If you're a military family, I pray you'll never doubt God's power to help you through the many hardships you face. And if you're not a military family, ask Him to lead your family to one that is—especially to a wife who's doing her best to go it alone. She could really benefit from your voice of comfort and companionship.


What could you do to offer friendship and support to a military family? Discuss what your church could do.


Pray for those in harm's way—and for the wives and children who keep going while they're gone. 


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