Moments with You Couples Devotional 7/12

July 12

The Leaky Balloon

But I want you to be wise in what is good and innocent in what is evil. ROMANS 16:19

Early one evening, I drove Rebecca—then 14—to meet some girlfriends for a bunking party. But her friends were running late, and as we sat there waiting in a parking lot, God orchestrated a great teaching moment.

We were talking about how she was going to relate to the opposite sex as she got older—about how far she would go sexually with a young man. A water balloon was lying in the console between us; it was stashed ammo from a balloon fight at our home a few days before. Picking it up, I got an idea.

"Let's say this water balloon is filled with your sexual purity and innocence. This is all you have. How much of it would you want to give away before you're married?"

"None of it," she answered. "I want to give it all to my husband!"

Then I put it in teenage terms. "Let's say a young man comes to you and just wants a little kiss—your first kiss—just a little bit of your innocence." I held up the balloon and pretended to pierce it with an imaginary needle. Then another boy comes along, and he just wants a little more. Then later on, you fall in love and decide it's okay to give away even more."

I paused and looked deeply into her wide eyes. "How much innocence and purity will you have left to give the man you marry?"

"It would be all gone," she said, "little by little."

Now I have a question for parents: As you look at how this culture is seducing our teenagers, how do you need to teach and instruct your teens? If you don't hold the standard high for your children, then who will?


As parents, what is your game plan to help your children "be wise in what is good and innocent in what is evil"? Talk about one or two convictions that you want to pass on to your children.


Pray for wisdom to know when God is designing teaching opportunities. 


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