Moments with You Couples Devotional 7/11

July 11

Home Wrecker

We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God.

I am always encouraged when I hear people say, "You're helping us raise our family through your ministry." But not long ago, I had one of those experiences that . . . well . . . I'd never heard anybody say it just this way before.

A few years ago, while visiting our daughter Rebecca while she was living in Atlanta, she took us to meet some faithful listeners to our radio broadcast. When we drove up, we caught the mother outside doing yard work. Then her teenage son came around the corner of the house. He looked like he was ready to go to one of the service academies. A sharp young man.

"So you're Dennis Rainey," he said.

"Yes, I am."

"Well, I have you to blame for wrecking my teenage years," he said, extending his hand. A sly grin crept across his face as he added, "If I hear your name another time in this house, I think I might throw up!"

After talking with him for a few minutes, it became clear his comment was a compliment. His parents had anchored him in Christ and as a result had "wrecked" some of his plans as a teenager.

As I drove away from that home, I had a smile of my own. I love to hear of parents who have an infectious love for Jesus Christ and the Scriptures and are passing it on to their children. One of the most important purposes of a Christian family is to equip the next generation with an accurate knowledge of God, with godly skill in everyday living and with the mandate of reaching their generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ. That's what these parents had done. And I guess if I helped them "wreck" a young man's teenage years in
doing that, then I'll gladly accept part of the blame!


Talk about the fundamentals of the Christian faith and how you are passing these on to your children—or, if you don't have children, to others.


Ask God for wisdom to know how to complete your mission as parents or as a couple.  


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