Moments with You Couples Devotional 4/13

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Middle of the Road

How long will you hesitate between two opinions? 1 KINGS 18:21

Barbara was driving into town from home one day when, topping a hill, she spotted a two-year-old boy standing there in his diaper—smack dab on the yellow line in the middle of the road. Without enough time to brake, she swerved wildly onto the shoulder, coming to a screeching stop a good distance past the child.

Flinging open her car door, she ran back up the street to retrieve the toddler from danger, when the mother—having heard the squealing tires and commotion—raced out into the road herself. She scooped up her crying child into her arms, trembling with shock and fright at what might have been if Barbara hadn’t been driving so carefully. Truly, the middle of the road is no place for anyone to be. But sadly in our culture today, far too many Christian families are parked in the middle. Not sure what they believe. Not sure what they expect of their children. Not willing to take a stand on certain issues that are clearly biblical. Basing their lives on “near beliefs.”

I believe that God is calling families like yours today to be counter-cultural—not in a weird, obnoxious way, but establishing a lifestyle that communicates at a glance, “This family is different. They’re distinctive in their beliefs and practices. They represent Jesus Christ.” There is no reason why so many Christian marriages should end in divorce. There is no reason why people who call themselves evangelicals should account for one in every six abortions performed in America. There is no reason why more than half of our Christian teens are engaging in some form of sexual involvement to the detriment of their own hearts and futures.

We’ve spent enough time in the middle of the road. It’s time to get in gear in the right direction and head for home.

How would an outsider tell the difference between your family and one who didn’t claim to be Christian?

Pray for the courage to determine and live by your convictions—biblical convictions—no matter the cost. 


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