Moments with You Couples Devotional 2/12

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On-the-Job Training

Marriage is to be held in honor among all. HEBREWS 13:4

When a buffet restaurant offered a free Valentine's Day lunch to any couple who's been married for 50 years or more, over 300 people showed up. At a gathering like that, you get a lot more than a good time and good food; you also learn some good advice on what it takes to make a marriage last:

•"If I want anything fairly expensive, I'll talk it over with him, and he'll do the same with me."

•"When you go to bed, always kiss good-night. We always kiss good-bye when we leave each other."

•"I'm the boss. I make sure that everything she wants gets done."

•"Treat each other with kindness, love and respect. Just work it out together. Don't fuss. We stay mad an hour or two, but that's it . . . and it's fun to make up."

•"Look at things in different ways and concentrate on the ‘good' in your relationship. I always say, ‘This too shall pass,' and it usually does."

•"You do a lot of counting to 10 . . . or 20, if necessary."

•"We were always taught, ‘Till death do you part.' Divorce was never discussed in our house."

•"When he was young, he was high-tempered, so I usually didn't say much. But when you don't say anything, you don't have to take anything back."

•"When we said ‘I do,' we didn't say it was just for tomorrow. You've got to tie the knot where it can't be untied." Spoken like real pros.

Regardless of how long you've been married, what would you say are the secrets of your commitment to each other?

Ask God for many years together . . . and for all the daily requirements of lifelong love. 

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