Moments with You Couples Devotional 11/6

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Why Not Now?

Behold, now is "the acceptable time," behold, now is "the day of salvation." 2 CORINTHIANS 6:2

R. V. Brown is a giant of a man, a four-year college football letterman who received Christ while still on campus and was turned loose with a fire to introduce his Savior to the youth of America. But one night, this man with the bulging biceps and the evangelist's heart woke up in a sweat, worried sick about the condition of his dad's soul.

Willie "Fish" Brown had been a model of faithfulness and sacrifice. The son of a slave, he had shielded his family from the bitterness felt by so many of his race because of the discrimination they had endured throughout their lives.

Instead—illiterate and uneducated though he was—he had imparted to his 17 children the qualities of hard work, generosity, deep love for wife and family, and kindness to fellow men.

Still, R. V. didn't know if his father was a Christian or not. So on his next visit home, he sat down with his dad—who was then over 100 years old—and asked him if he was assured of going to heaven when he died. Willie said he wasn't.

So R. V. opened the Word and showed his father what was required of a man to embrace the salvation of God. He got down on his knees with his aged father, led him to the base of the cross and opened for him the throne room of heaven.

That's not easy to do. Parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins are often the hardest ones for us to engage in spiritual conversation or ask eternal questions. But the risk of offending them is miniscule compared to the issue of their eternal destiny. Humbly engage in a conversation. God in His grace may use you to break through to even a 100-year-old heart!


Do you have parents and family members who are not followers of Christ, who are unsure of where they'll spend eternity?


Just pray for an opportunity to talk in as non-threatening a way as possible. Then expect God to open the door for that conversation. Know He'll be there to help you.  

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