K9 Dog Services

With licensed handlers and all the necessary accreditation, The PI Agency offers the most reliable K9 services. Our K9 officers are thoroughly trained dogs that are adept at supporting businesses and individuals in a number of different scenarios. Whether you need them as personal protection dogs in GA or for sniffing out evidence, suspicious objects or people, our services include all.

Our canine drug dogs in GA are impeccably trained to meet the highest standards of drug detection that greatly helps during the investigative processes. Not only can they identify illegal odors but also sniff through any other scents that have been used to mask those odors. Besides, our K9 drug detection squad is trained to ignore the odors of food and animal waste. So, they are able to remain more focused during the investigation.

Our K9 bomb dog services in GA include equally adept dogs who can ensure that every neck of your woods is a safe zone. Especially helpful during large scale events and gatherings, our dogs can filter out the important scents in their hunt for hidden explosives.

You can also get in touch with us for dogs who can guard your personal property or a loved one who seems to be under threat.