Have you ever thought about hiring a private investigator? Possibly you have a company and feel that an employee may be stealing. Maybe you suspect your spouse is having an affair. You might be concerned about the way your ex is raising your children using the child support you pay. There are any number of reasons why people feel the need or have the desire to hire a private investigator.

Private investigators have many tools available to them. Particularly with today’s advanced technology, the possibilities are nearly endless! One invaluable tool used by private investigators is GPS tracking. It’s almost guaranteed, when an investigator tells their client about such efforts, the client always questions, “Really? Are you able to conduct legal GPS tracking?”

Depending on the circumstances, the answer is frequently “yes”. After all, for a private investigator to do something illegal just to further their case could severely jeopardize their career. Few, if any, reputable private investigators will take a chance such as that.

You Have To Ask the Right Questions

An accurate determination of legality where GPS tracking is concerned depends on asking the right questions and receiving the appropriate answers. Here are some questions that need to be asked…


  • What is the investigation’s purpose? (Why is it being done?)
  • Why do you want to use GPS tracking?


  • When the GPS tracker is retrieved/mounted, where will the vehicle be going?
  • Geographically, where is the GPS tracking being executed?


  • How will installation of the tracker be accomplished?
  • How is power for the GPS tracker supplied?
  • How, on the vehicle in question, is the tracker mounted?
  • How long will the tracker be on the car?


  • Between the person being tracked and the person doing the tracking, what is the relationship?


  • When will installation of the tracker be done?


  • Who is being tracked?
  • Who’s the client?
  • Who is responsible for the installation of the tracker on the vehicle in question?

The Legality of GPS in General

Very generally speaking, the issue of GPS tracking has not even been specifically addressed by most states. Therefore, unless it’s for the purpose of law enforcement, there aren’t any official federal laws prohibiting the use of GPS tracking (legally). If individuals from law enforcement wish to use GPS tracking, however, they must first obtain a warrant.

This is not to say that, for non-law enforcement purposes, certain GPS tracking statewide restrictions haven’t been implicated. They have. So, it’s good to know the local laws before doing any GPS tracking.

  • There are, as an example, specific laws prohibiting GPS tracking in some states with the exception of law enforcement with a warrant.
  • In some cases, if GPS tracking is to be utilized, it must be installed by the vehicle owner.
  • Yet other states say that if you have hired a licensed PI or if you own the vehicle, GPS tracking can be installed. The investigator, in order to place the tracker on a vehicle, must have permissible purpose.

Do You Need Private Investigator To Track Someone?

Probity Investigations is well aware of the ins and outs, and ups and downs of GPS tracking for investigative purposes. You can rest assured we will not break any laws on your behalf. We are reputable, dependable investigators who are well adept at the use of spy cameras, GPS trackers, mobile text recovery methods, and much more.

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A range of emotions are released and experienced during divorce. Some of these can include sorrow and regret. But occasionally, vengeance and enmity enter the picture. Unintended consequences can result if strategic, careful thinking is not used during a divorce; but, rather, people let their emotions run away with them.

In family law proceedings, a crucial role can be played by divorce case private investigators. There can, however, be some risk where their involvement is concerned.

In child custody and divorce proceedings, whether or not to hire a private investigator is considered by clients who are suspicious about the behavior or actions of a spouse. It is seldom black-and-white, however, how to view and determine the answers to questions a spouse may have.

Pros of Hiring a PI in a Divorce Case

When you hire the services of a private investigator for the purpose of anything related to divorce, there are a number of positive outcomes that can result.

Even in states where no “fault” must be established in order for a divorce to proceed, other things can be affected by evidence acquired in an investigation. Some of these could include the following:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Assets appointment

To get to the true facts, investigators can play a crucial role. They can help settle arguments based on nothing more than “he said/she said”.

Things that may be proven through evidence acquired by a PI:

To provide reports, the following may be used by a PI so that someone’s suspicions can be supported:

  • Video evidence
  • Photographic evidence
  • Location tracking
  • Surveillance

With the right technology and expertise, private investigators can use these methods and more.

“I heard it through the grapevine.” This is a great way to come across information, but it won’t stand up very well in court. With a private investigator, however, you’ll be able to track down the information’s source and do some verification regarding any claims.

Private investigators also have numerous methods and manners through which they can execute their research including the following:

  • GPS tracking
  • Background checks
  • Surveillance, and more

So, What on Earth Could Possibly Go Wrong? The Cons…

Yes, there are good reasons for hiring a private investigator and they frequently provide great results. But a decision like this should never be taken lightly. When in doubt, you may wish to consult a lawyer before hiring a private investigator. Admissibility of evidence, duty to disclose to opposing counsel, discoverability of the investigators reports, and more, may come into play.

Careful consideration must be done to weigh the potential benefits versus possible results. As an example, should an ex-spouse find out that they are being investigated, any amicable relationship you may have had could be severely impacted. Cooperation and communication could cease entirely in a case such as this.

The other thing to think about is the old adage, “Be careful what you wish for.” You may truly think you want to know something but remember this: The good, the bad, and the ugly will all come to light by the end of the investigation. Be careful, as well, of what may be brought to light regarding your own actions, if you are hiring a private investigator. Social media is a powerful tool that can be used by investigators. But anything that’s on the Internet is fair game. Might something about you, the hiring individual, be brought to light that you’d rather have left in the dark?

Is It Time To Hire Someone To Do a Little Investigation?

If you think something looks or feels suspicious, chances are, it probably is. But not necessarily! Acquiring the services of a private investigator through Probity Investigations could be in your best interests.

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By photographing their subject participating in certain acts and through other types of fieldwork, numerous private investigators do their jobs every day. But thanks to today’s technology, a digital private investigator is able to focus on digital evidence and gather as much of it as possible. In personal injury cases, employment disputes, family law cases, and a plethora of other types of cases, this kind of information can be invaluable.

What is involved in an investigation of this sort? What kind of evidence is being gathered and where does the investigator go to obtain it? Let’s look at digital private investigators and what their job entails.


Needless to say, computers are an indispensable tool in a digital investigator’s repertoire. Forensic computer examiners and digital private investigators, to uncover pertinent information, can search through an individual’s videos, photos, documents, and other data. On a company-owned computer used by an employee, an employer may ask for such a search. On a shared computer, a spouse may make a request for an investigation. In the process, as a starting point, the browsing history will be looked at by the investigator. Even intentionally hidden or deleted information can frequently be recovered.

Photos and Social Media Sites

Online photos are all over the Internet, whether people know it or not! A digital private investigator will make good use of these photos, possibly doing a reverse search. Social media pages are a good source for pictures.

An individual’s presence on social media pages is frequently a treasure trove for digital private investigators. They will look for posts on friends’ pages, public pages, etc. To be used to confront the other party, they may gather incriminating information this way. They can use this information from social media in court proceedings by printing it out and bringing it as evidence.

Website Usage Reviews

An individual’s online presence will be tracked by a digital private investigator. As an example, a private investigator may search personal ad sites, escort service sites, dating sites, etc. for the email address or profile of a particular individual in a suspected adultery case.

Phone Records Analysis

Phone data can be analyzed by private investigators if the phone is owned by the spouse requesting investigation or the records have been subpoenaed.

As an example, cheating may be indicated if phone conversations are repeated during weekends, certain times of the night, or last an exorbitantly long period of time.


To assist an entity or individual, digital private investigators rely on the vast array technological advancement available to them. Today, that is considerable. To discover if a parent isn’t caring for their child properly, if a spouse is cheating, if an employee is stealing company funds, etc., investigators now can analyze computer documents, websites, social network channels, photos, tweets, phone calls, texts, and more.

Before commencing activities such as this, however, a check should be run so that no laws put forth by the governing state are broken.

Do You Need a Reputable, Competent Private Investigator?

Whether it’s good old-fashioned private investigation or digital researching, Probity Investigations has an experienced team in both aspects. We know the ins and the outs of today’s technology, the Internet, and exactly how to use it.

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It can be a difficult and painful experience when you find yourself doubting the fidelity of a spouse. You feel a burning desire to get to the truth. It’s the only way to calm the nagging thoughts in your mind. Regardless of the outcome of an investigation, you will at the very least be able to move on with your life because you will have the answers you need.

To get that kind of information, PIs (private investigators) can be hired in the pursuit of an affair investigation. However, your and your spouse’s rights in affair investigations must be considered during such investigations.

To make a determination as to whether or not your spouse may be having an affair – so that it can be proved in court – a private investigator will use photos, videos, and other means of acquiring evidence. They will likely be called to testify as to the infidelity of your spouse. What’s admissible in court and what type of evidence can be obtained has specific rules that apply to them, however.

On the “Can’t Do” List

There are any number of things that a private investigator is not allowed to do. As examples, private investigators cannot do the following:

  • Obtain information that is “protected” (i.e., credit scores, phone records, financial records, bank accounts)
  • Hack into email accounts and/or social media
  • Without consent, wiretap a phone
  • S. mail tampering
  • Trespassing
  • Break local or federal laws
  • Impersonate an officer of the law
  • Depending on the state, they may not be able to operate without a private investigator’s license

Why Should You Hire a Licensed Private Investigator With Experience?

A private investigator is not an officer of the law. So, you may be wondering why, if they’re just a regular citizen, you should acquire their services. Particularly when it comes to infidelity investigations, the hiring of a private investigator has the following advantages:

  • As opposed to restrictions that law enforcement must follow, as with any regular citizen, private investigators enjoy a certain level of freedom.
  • Time is not of the essence for a private investigator. They are on the job while gathering information and conducting surveillance. They can take the time to do the job right, rather than be in a big hurry. Haste can result in making mistakes or overlooking things.
  • A good private investigator has an impressive track record. An experienced PI will know how, without being noticeable or obtrusive, to listen, watch, and get to the truth.
  • One of the most valuable assets were private investigators are concerned is anonymity. So as not to appear suspicious, someone completely anonymous and unknown to the person being investigated is the best individual to gather helpful evidence.

Do You Need an Affair Investigation Executed by a PI?

The investigative specialists at Probity Investigations are well-versed in a vast array of manners and techniques through which to check into the affairs of your spouse. We use spy cameras, GPS trackers, mobile text recovery, and more to get the evidence you need. More than any other specialized state agency, we have settled more infidelity and cheating partner cases. In divorce settlements, we have mitigated over $100 million.

You are not alone in your pursuit for the truth!

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People may hire a private investigator for any number of reasons. Here are several:

You may decide to hire a private investigator if you’re paying alimony to someone who has drifted outside the restrictions put on them by the courts. If you suspect your spouse is cheating, you may decide to hire a private investigator. Or if you’re pursuing a divorce, you may feel you need evidence to prove the grounds upon which you are basing your divorce (or find out if you truly want to divorce your partner at all).

Here are several categories that define the boundaries regarding what can and cannot be done by a private investigator.

Searching for Clues By Listening

If only more people knew, that by listening, an entirely new world of truths and untruths can be discovered! Private investigators know this more than anyone. They are, in fact, extraordinarily talented at listening skills. During their preparation, they become all too familiar with this property.

  • Can Do: While on a case, they can listen in on someone.
  • Can’t Do: Unless approved by the courts, however, they cannot participate in wiretapping any individual or group.

There Are Some Benefits to Lying

Ordinarily and generally speaking, it would be hard for the average person to legally get into a conversation with someone by misleading them. That said, while investigating a critical suspect, investigators may need to coax someone into a conversation so that they can uncover issues they may be experiencing, concealed information, extreme behavior, etc. 

  • Can Do: When involvement in confusing cases is in question, lying may be part of the process used in order to get someone talking. Naturally, social media and other Internet sites are not the place to discuss any obtained data that may have been uncovered in an interrogatory meeting.
  • Can’t Do: However, to unravel a case issue, private investigators cannot mimic an officer of the law.

Open Public Property Presence

Sometimes private investigators have to hang out in a location to watch, listen, record, etc. the conversations and activities of another person.

  • Can Do: In order to find out a secret or discover evidence, as much energy as needs to be invested, and/or a presence for as long as they need to remain, can be executed in an open property by an investigator. 
  • Can’t Do: However, unless they have a request from the court, they cannot trespass on private property.

Arresting Capabilities

Generally speaking, private investigators do not have authority to make an arrest – at least no more than any other citizen.

Can Do: As much as any ordinary citizen, a private investigator can attempt a “citizen’s arrest”. It must be within a jurisdiction considered illegal to them. Some states forbid this, while others allow it. A PI can only, until arresting police arrive, detain the individual. They cannot take them to jail.

Additionally, regarding the crime that is occurring, a PI can document it, as long as the PI is not breaking any laws. They would, of course, notify the police so they could show up on the scene and make an official arrest.

Can’t Do: In the name of the law, a private investigator cannot make an official police arrest.

Is It Time to Hire a Private Investigator?

Probity Investigations has an expert team of specialists. In many infidelities, divorces, alimony cases, etc., they have been instrumental. You never know when you may find yourself in need of a private investigator. You may need one right now!

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Cheating is cheating – right? Actually, when it comes to cheating, there are different types of affairs!

“Is my partner cheating on me?” This is an everyday question heard by private investigators. Regarding a partner, you may have some suspicions if this is a question you feel the need to ask.

There are numerous dynamics involved in the complex issue of infidelity. The “rules” in each relationship are different. For some couples, texting an ex, watching porn, or participating in sexual acts with another couple is absolutely fine! With that thought in mind, ideas and boundaries for romantic relationships must be created by each couple to expressly address their limitations, allowances, etc.

Remember, infidelity becomes a gray area without set rules and an open line of communication.


Regardless of your relationship “rules” there are several categories under which infidelity falls:

  • The fantasy
  • The physical affair
  • The emotional affair

These can become the grounds for infidelity when deception or secrecy occurs. Keep in mind, however, that infidelity transpires differently with the varying types listed above. Let’s look at this from the perspective of private investigator.

Fantasy Affairs

This can also be referred to as mental cheating. It’s considered relatively healthy to have different fantasies and to daydream. However, when stress is caused to your current relationship due to fantasies leading to secretive or dishonest behavior, it enters the realm of infidelity. There may be a cause for concern if your current relationship has become difficult as a result of current fantasies.

Through the following, one can express fantasy cheating:

  • Avoidance of a current relationship
  • To your significant other, a lack of attention being paid
  • Being deceptive regarding your financial aspects
  • On social media, conducting a secret life
  • Addiction to porn
  • Escapism

Because they cause one’s relationship undue strain, fantasy affairs are cause for concern. When the fantasy cheater has “checked out,” it causes the partner to feel physical and emotional neglect.

Physical Affairs

Where affairs are concerned, this is the most “traditional” type. First off, let’s define “physical affair”: This is when you have physical contact with an individual that is other than your current partner. Some sort of sexual intimacy must occur in order for this to be a physical affair. More than just sex is recognized here.

Physical cheating can run the gamut from sexual intercourse to romantic touching, and everything in between. Because of this, it’s considered a physical affair if, outside of your relationship, one or more of the following is happening:

  • Someone is expressing physical desire toward someone else
  • Someone is expressing physical attraction to someone else

Note: An emotional aspect is not required for a physical affair to take place.

Emotional Affairs

Sexual intimacy is not included in an emotional affair. When one invests emotional feelings into a non-partner individual, an emotional affair occurs. In a new relationship, they begin to receive emotional intimacy and companionship. Simply put, this begins to take a romantic turn because it crosses the boundaries of friendship. Any romantic feelings toward a non-partner individual can be included in this type of affair.

Just because no sex is involved, doesn’t mean that the participating parties should feel guilt free. They are cheating. An emotional affair is less about the sexual aspect and more about keeping secrets and breaking trust.

Whom To Turn to If You Feel You’re Being Cheated On

Many infidelity cases have been proven by the team of specialists at Probity Investigations. We have a team of specialists standing by to help you find out if your partner has cheated on you.

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Depending on the case in question, thousands of dollars on investigative and legal fees may be spent by an individual. Not everyone has that kind of money! Frequently, a private investigator will be asked whether not they can work on the basis of a contingency fee. It is, when interviewing new case clients, one of the most common questions posed.

So, can a PI, for some type of reward, conduct an investigation or, working on a contingency basis, manage an investigation? The question is not out of line, in the least. After all, under a contingency fee arrangement, many lawyers take cases.

Generally speaking, on a contingency fee basis, most private investigators will not work a case. Why is this?

Why Can’t PIs Work Under a Contingency Fee Arrangement?

In no uncertain terms, in some states, private investigators simply are not allowed to work with any kind of contingency fee arrangement in place. It’s against the law for them to accept an award for services or agree to a contingency fee arrangement.

Additionally, for the avoidance of private investigators hiring on contingency, there are some ethical and moral reasons, aside from the legal implications.

Here are some reasons why a private investigator should not be hired on a contingency basis.

Court Cases and Admissible Evidence

The court may determine inadmissibility of evidence/testimony if the involvement of questionable fees arises. Judges frown on – on the basis of case outcome – “expert witnesses” giving testimony. As an example, if only through their favorable testimony for a plaintiff, a “witness” or PI is paid, a judge can throw the case out of court. Clearly, your case could all be for naught if your investigator is testifying on your behalf and a contingency fee was arranged with them.

Illegal Evidence

The evidence will be of no value to your case if obtained unethically or under false pretense. The hiring of a PI on a contingency basis comes into play here.

An unethical private investigator may, in order to get paid, illegally obtain or falsify evidence. In fact, you could legally be at risk as a client of such a private investigator.

An Investigator’s Reputation Could Be Corrupted

Why are most people in business? Answer: To make money. Private investigators are no exception. But if, in an attempt to earn a paycheck, ethical lines are crossed by presenting results that were obtained or fabricated in pursuit of payment, an investigator’s reputation could be irreparably damaged/corrupted.

Just the Facts, Ma’am

Uncovering evidence and facts is the job of a private investigator. What should the sole motivation for an investigator be? Answer: The unbiased discovery of evidence and facts.

That said, evidence “found”, if an unethical investigator is getting paid to find it, could be false. Additionally, “forgotten” facts may be neglected and/or go unmentioned. The motivation for finding evidence and facts runs completely counter to a contingency scenario.

Where to Locate a Private Investigator: Probity Investigations

For any number of reasons, people want or need certain situations investigated. You can depend on the trusted and dependable team of specialists at Probity Investigations. Our ethical reputation is impeccable!

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Are you divorced and living in Florida? Are you paying alimony? The following information, regarding alimony investigation, may be of interest to you…

There are six types of alimony in Florida: 

  • Lump sum alimony
  • Temporary
  • Bridge-the-Gap
  • Durational
  • Rehabilitative
  • Permanent

You are considered the payor if you have been ordered to pay alimony by the courts. The payee is the person who receives alimony. For things like obtaining training or job skills, maintaining a standard of living, etc., an ex-spouse is paid money by their former spouse. Upon the payee, there are usually restrictions imposed by the courts. Generally included in these restrictions are the following (so that they can continue to receive alimony):

  • Alimony can be reduced or terminated if the payor can prove that the payee is cohabitating with another adult that is not a blood relative, and who contributes to the household. If the payee is receiving financial benefit from someone living with them, an investigator may be able to find proof of this.
  • The payee cannot increase their income substantially or obtain employment (this would constitute a change from their original circumstances when alimony was assigned).
  • The payee must remain unmarried and single.

If you believe that your ex-spouse, who is currently receiving alimony, is possibly in violation of one or more of these restrictions, and you want to decrease your payments (or discontinue them altogether), you may wish to initiate an alimony investigation. For that purpose, you would be well advised to hire a PI (private investigator) who specializes in alimony investigation.

Alimony Investigation Reduction

Frequently, permanent alimony is being paid by clients of alimony reduction investigators. Over the life of the parties, these payments often times can add up to millions of dollars. An investigation into the actions of the payee can be instigated for a couple of reasons:

  • Is there a change in the payee’s living arrangements or financial arrangements which would reduce the amount of alimony being paid?
  • Is the payee still entitled to alimony at all?

Recommended Services by an Alimony Investigator

If you hire an alimony investigator, some of the services that they generally recommend are as follows:

  • Surveillance

This is a highly effective tactic to determine where the payee is working, who the payee is living with, where the payee is living, etc. An investigator must undertake multiple periods of surveillance for the best results.

  • Trash Pulls

In an investigation such as this, from in front of, at the curb of, etc., their listed place of residence, the investigator actually takes the payee’s trash. It is considered an act of abandonment once someone places trash out for garbage pickup (at the curb, for example). This has already been determined by the courts. For the purpose of determining the living arrangements/lifestyle of a payee, investigators will go through every piece of trash/evidence.

Asset Checks

An investigator can undertake a search to determine if the property of the payee is owned jointly. 

This service also conducts a revealing search to find out if the subject has purchased one or more of the following:

  • Aircraft
  • Water vessels
  • Vehicles
  • Real estate… or other tangible property

 Public Records Checks

Very simply put, these include lawsuit research, marriage license searches, and civil judgments.

Hire the Alimony Investigators at Probity Investigations

Our team of investigative specialists at Probity Investigations has assisted with numerous infidelity cases. We have helped numerous individuals get the closure they require. We can help you too!

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When a couple is going through a divorce, the topic of alimony can be a bitter one. This is especially true if the divorce was caused by marital misconduct on the part of one spouse or if they had used shared funds to support this wrongdoing, such as purchasing property for the person they were having an affair with. When that is the case, your chances of receiving spousal alimony are higher but can be compromised if your spouse is hiding assets or voluntarily cutting back work, for instance.

Hiring A PI for Alimony Investigation

When you hire a PI for alimony investigation, it is important to first check whether they are licensed by the state you live in. If they make use of illegal methods to obtain the information you need, it can be discounted in court and you may not even get the chance to present it.

Below are some methods PIs can use for obtaining evidence:

  • Taking photos or videos by observing your spouse in a public space
  • Searching publicly accessible websites for information
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Collecting documents that have been disposed of

Factors That Determine Alimony Decisions

The most important thing to remember is that alimony is never guaranteed. However, obtaining evidence around your spouse’s marital misconduct can increase the chances of obtaining alimony. Factors that can impact the alimony decision include:

  • The length of the marriage
  • Ages of each party
  • Both parties’ physical health and earning capability
  • The needs of each party following the divorce, such as who will have custody of the children (if any)
  • Division of the marital estate after divorce
  • Each party’s actions leading to the divorce

Fault or No-Fault Divorce?

While a no-fault divorce is arguably the easier route, being less expensive and time-consuming, in some cases one party may feel unjustified in taking that course if their spouse has engaged in marital misconduct. In a fault divorce, however, you have to prove that your spouse has violated a state-approved fault ground. Even if you go for a no-fault divorce but your spouse has engaged in instances of marital misconduct, you may be able to use evidence of this misconduct to increase the spousal alimony you get.

Always keep in mind that alimony provision is not guaranteed but the better your evidence, the higher your chances.

Hire Your Alimony Investigator at Probity Investigations

Are you going through a rough divorce due to marital misconduct on your spouse’s part? Or do you suspect they have been withholding or altering financial information that will influence the alimony decision? If so, do not hesitate to hire an alimony investigator to investigate your case. Our professional PIs at Probity Investigations understand your distress and will handle your case with the highest level of discretion and confidentiality.

At Probity Investigations, we have a team of specialists who are experts at obtaining evidence for alimony cases. We have helped many increase the amount of alimony they get and will be able to help you too. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.




OSINT is short for open-sourced intelligence and refers to the use of public records and data to gather and analyze information. Although this information is available to the general public, it requires a certain expertise and skill to know where to find it, what to look out for and how to interpret it. OSINT is not used exclusively by private investigators – today, journalists, law enforcement officers and researchers make use of it to derive valuable insights as well. When it comes to private investigations, OSINT can help to paint a full picture of a person’s life as it relates to a particular circumstance.

What Is Considered OSINT?

Although no licensing is required to obtain access to OSINT, it often requires vast knowledge and experience in the field when it comes to knowing where to look. Common sources of OSINT include:

  • Social media platforms
  • Published broadcasting and journalism which can include newspaper articles, podcasts, television broadcasts and audio recordings
  • Public records such as marriage and divorce records and census data
  • Government websites and documents
  • Information that can be assessed on the Internet such as blog posts, recordings and more, including those on the Dark Web
  • Company reports and employee records
  • Publications in journals, magazines etc
  • … and many more!

What Can OSINT Be Used for?

OSINT can be used to solve a myriad of cases, from locating a missing person to uncovering an affair. Living in the 21st century, it may feel like we have all the information we need at our fingertips, but sources such as Google and social media accounts are only a small part of the puzzle. When information obtained through OSINT is considered carefully with what most people can easily find online, the missing piece to the puzzle can be found. Although this information is available to the public, the average citizen may not know where to go about looking for the data they need or how to interpret it in a way that makes sense. This is where private investigators come in.

Making use of their knowledge and expertise to research, analyze, verify and connect multiple sources of information, private investigators are able to uncover the truth you are looking for. Some people may confuse public searches with free record searches. There is a notable difference between them: public records come directly from the source itself whereas free record searches produce results through a third-party algorithm, which can result in inaccurate or false information.

Hire Your Private Investigator at Probity Investigations

Do you suspect that your spouse is having an affair and are considering hiring a private investigator to get to the bottom of it? If so, look no further than Probity Investigations. We understand the distress that can come with such a scenario and will handle your case with the highest level of professionalism and sensitivity.

At Probity Investigations, we have a team of specialists who are experts at solving infidelity cases. We have helped many get the closure they need and will be able to help you too. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.