Alimony Investigation In Florida PI Can Help

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Are you divorced and living in Florida? Are you paying alimony? The following information, regarding alimony investigation, may be of interest to you…

There are six types of alimony in Florida: 

  • Lump sum alimony
  • Temporary
  • Bridge-the-Gap
  • Durational
  • Rehabilitative
  • Permanent

You are considered the payor if you have been ordered to pay alimony by the courts. The payee is the person who receives alimony. For things like obtaining training or job skills, maintaining a standard of living, etc., an ex-spouse is paid money by their former spouse. Upon the payee, there are usually restrictions imposed by the courts. Generally included in these restrictions are the following (so that they can continue to receive alimony):

  • Alimony can be reduced or terminated if the payor can prove that the payee is cohabitating with another adult that is not a blood relative, and who contributes to the household. If the payee is receiving financial benefit from someone living with them, an investigator may be able to find proof of this.
  • The payee cannot increase their income substantially or obtain employment (this would constitute a change from their original circumstances when alimony was assigned).
  • The payee must remain unmarried and single.

If you believe that your ex-spouse, who is currently receiving alimony, is possibly in violation of one or more of these restrictions, and you want to decrease your payments (or discontinue them altogether), you may wish to initiate an alimony investigation. For that purpose, you would be well advised to hire a PI (private investigator) who specializes in alimony investigation.

Alimony Investigation Reduction

Frequently, permanent alimony is being paid by clients of alimony reduction investigators. Over the life of the parties, these payments often times can add up to millions of dollars. An investigation into the actions of the payee can be instigated for a couple of reasons:

  • Is there a change in the payee’s living arrangements or financial arrangements which would reduce the amount of alimony being paid?
  • Is the payee still entitled to alimony at all?

Recommended Services by an Alimony Investigator

If you hire an alimony investigator, some of the services that they generally recommend are as follows:

  • Surveillance

This is a highly effective tactic to determine where the payee is working, who the payee is living with, where the payee is living, etc. An investigator must undertake multiple periods of surveillance for the best results.

  • Trash Pulls

In an investigation such as this, from in front of, at the curb of, etc., their listed place of residence, the investigator actually takes the payee’s trash. It is considered an act of abandonment once someone places trash out for garbage pickup (at the curb, for example). This has already been determined by the courts. For the purpose of determining the living arrangements/lifestyle of a payee, investigators will go through every piece of trash/evidence.

Asset Checks

An investigator can undertake a search to determine if the property of the payee is owned jointly. 

This service also conducts a revealing search to find out if the subject has purchased one or more of the following:

  • Aircraft
  • Water vessels
  • Vehicles
  • Real estate… or other tangible property

 Public Records Checks

Very simply put, these include lawsuit research, marriage license searches, and civil judgments.

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