What A Private Investigator Can Do For You

Man Taking Photograph Of Couple Walking Together At Outdoors

You are no stranger to what a private investigator does. You have probably seen or heard about them from the movies, or maybe someone you know has hired them before. You know that we are skilled in helping to monitor, track, and gather information (perhaps you require evidence on a cheating spouse) depending on the service required, but here are a few services you may not have heard of:

Searching for Hidden Devices

As private investigators, we are skilled at installing hidden devices which could be used to spy, track, or monitor a person’s activities. However, this also means that we are equally skilled in locating such devices for you. If you think that someone is spying on you, contact us at Probity Investigations for advice on how to locate and get rid of hidden surveillance around you.

Social Media/Online Investigations

As computer forensic experts, private investigators can now delve into the digital world:

  • Helping you monitor your child’s online activity and protect them from exposure to harmful content.
  • Conducting background research/investigation on people as required, through their social media accounts. Even if they do not have personal social media accounts, our computer forensic experts may still be able to identify them through relatives/associates/employer social media accounts.
  • Identifying affiliations/relationships through social media account connections
  • Employing special software to monitor email activity, web activity, or even instant messaging chats

Alimony Modification Investigations

Perhaps you may have experienced a divorce or know of someone who has undergone it. This is no easy ordeal and can be very emotionally-taxing. To top it off, settling an alimony modification case can be a long, frustrating matter to deal with on a monthly basis.

Perhaps your ex-spouse is not paying the full amount ordered by the court, is cutting back on child support claiming that he or she does not have enough money, or maybe even pushing for a higher alimony amount. While these could have been precipitated by a change in lifestyle (e.g., loss in income), it would be best to leave it to the experts to provide you with documentation that could help corroborate what your ex-spouse is telling you.

A private investigative agency can help you to gather the necessary information (e.g., monitoring an ex-spouse’s expenditure/income, unearthing possible hidden assets) to provide the court with evidence required to change the previous alimony amount.

Background Checks for New Hires

This is not something new, we’ve probably either conducted a background check or undergone a background check during the hiring process. Although we are most likely to call up a reference contact or two to verify information and character, it is always good to run a detailed background check for peace of mind.

Detail background checks could cover any of the following or more:

  • Criminal Records
  • Medical Records
  • License History (Ensure your new hire is properly licensed to operate a vehicle or machine)
  • Social Media Accounts (Find out more about their character)
  • Previous Employment (Ensure that their work accomplishments were not embellished, was the company they worked at real or fake?)

Leaving the background checks to a skilled private investigative agency would most certainly help distinguish the candidates you are looking to hire, saving much time and effort on your end.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach us at Probity Investigations for a free consultation today.