5 Essential Questions To Ask When Hiring A Private Investigator

Private detective investigating secret case.

When we think about private investigators, dramatic movie scenes from Hollywood often pop up in our minds. However, real life private investigators are very different from what you see on the screens. With the wide range of tools that private investigators have access to in order to perform their investigations and surveillance, individuals who seek the services of private investigators will be in good hands as long as they ask the right questions before engaging their services. Read on to find out the essential questions to ask when hiring a private investigator.

What is the Background of the Private investigator?

Getting to know your investigator is important. Asking this question can give you an idea about their experience and expertise. You can also find out about their work history to have a better understanding of their skills. Knowing the background of your investigator can help you pick the right person as you will be able to select one with the right and relevant skills for your situation. Even if they do not have a background in law enforcement, they may have unique skills that can bring significant advantage to your case.

Is Your Private Investigator Licensed?

Not everybody can be a private investigator. In order to be an investigator, detectives that are training must meet certain standards in order to practice. Requirements are extensive and must be constantly met in order to stay in the field. This ensures the high quality and credibility of private investigators.

You may start by checking with your state the licensing status of the companies or individuals you intend to work with. When you progress further and want to hire a PI, you should also check their licensing number to ensure that they are properly licensed. For companies and individuals that are highly reputable, they usually have this number displayed on their site, office or business cards.

How Long Has Your Private Investigator Been in the Field?

Hiring private investigators that are relatively new in the field is not necessarily bad. However, you may want to keep in mind that for certain cases that require more expertise and are more delicate, like custody cases or professional surveillance, experience can be very important. Furthermore, an investigator that has a good record of success is likely to be able to give you results.

Who Will be Handling Your Case?

Private investigative companies usually comprise a group of individuals with different skills and backgrounds. As such, you should ask about the specific individual who will be in charge of your case, and check their license before you entrust your case to them. Find out if they have the relevant skillsets that will be able to help you in your situation.

Does Your Investigator Obtain Information Through Legally Grey Methods?

This is an important question to ask. While finding out about the experience and background of your investigator is important, your case will lose its credibility drastically if it is found that information was obtained illegally. In order to be safe and protect yourself, you should make what you find acceptable clear before you sign the contract.

Find a Private Investigator at Probity Investigations

If there is a case you want to get to the bottom of, engaging a private investigator may be an ideal solution for you. Probity Investigations is made up of a team of specialists that have expertise in many areas. Our investigators are fully licensed, and can help you solve your case. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.