5 Signs Of A Cheating Spouse

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Research has shown that although men have a higher likelihood of cheating than women, women are better at hiding their affairs. Usually, when a woman is caught cheating on her significant other, it can lead to a loss of reputation, children and financial security. In some cases, it may even lead to violence. Both men and women cheat. If you are suspicious of your other half, you may consider hiring a private investigator to get to the bottom of things. Other than that, here are 5 signs of a cheating spouse you can look out for.

Changes in Schedule

If your spouse has started to stay out late even though they used to always return home punctually when their work ends, you may want to ask why. If you hear excuses that do not make sense and they do not pick up the phone when you call, this could be a red flag for you.

Becoming More Secretive

If out of the blue, your spouse has set up a lock code on their computers and on their phones, or if they frequently refuse to show you their bank account statements and clear their browser history, you may have reason to be suspicious. Another thing to look out for is whether they have started taking more calls outside where you cannot hear. Details like this are things you have to look out for.

Constantly Pushing the Blame to You

It is completely natural for couples to have their own disagreements and lay blame. However, if you feel that your spouse has recently become hostile to you for no apparent reason, you should try and find out why. Sometimes when a spouse cheats, they will try to justify themselves by pushing the blame to you for not being affectionate or appreciative enough. If you feel that your spouse is constantly pushing the blame to you, it could be a sign that they are trying to push you away.

Abrupt Change to Your Sex Life

In a marriage, it is normal for sexual activity to gradually decrease as time passes. However, there may be another cause if there is an abrupt change in the sexual activities you engage in. A sharp decrease in sex may mean that your spouse has put their focus on someone else instead. A sudden increase in sex could signal higher libido because they are engaging in sexual activities more often.

Often Taking Trips Without You

Has your spouse been constantly asked to go for business trips when their jobs usually do not require them to travel? Have they been invited to weekend trips with their friends without bringing you along? If they are constantly being asked to go on trips out of the norm, this could signal they are cheating on you.

It is possible that your significant other is not cheating on you even if they behave like the signs above. The best way to give you piece of mind is to get to the bottom of the matter by hiring a private investigator. This is the most ideal way to find out without damaging your relationship.

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