Financial Infidelity

There is a form of infidelity that has become rampant, and it doesn’t require actual cheating. Its financial infidelity and according to recent studies almost half of our population may be committing it. Unlike physical and emotional infidelity it doesn’t require a spouse to be having an affair with another person. However, this form of infidelity does have some of the same trademarks. Financial infidelity is the act of holding bank accounts or stashes of money, spending money, possessing credit cards, or otherwise incurring debt and keeping it a secret from one’s spouse or partner.

Much like physical and emotional infidelity the act of hiding money or spending habits is often done because of a lack of trust in the relationship. Financial infidelity usually starts when partners have different money management styles. Where one partner may constantly want to save money, the other may be a compulsive spender. When layered onto disproportionate earnings between partners, money can become a hot topic and when conversations hit a standoff one of the partners may resort to financial infidelity.

Some of the warning signs of financial infidelity may include:

  • Not seeing copies of the bills each month and when asked your partner constantly has a reason why they aren’t available
  • Your partner insisting on maintaining a separate bank account and not allowing you access or confiding in you how much the bank account contains
  • Receipts for items that list a different amount from what your partner told you the item cost
  • Your partner shutting down or becoming defensive whenever finances are brought up
  • Coming across a stash of money that you don’t know the origin of
  • Discovering your partner has a bank account they have never mentioned

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