What to Expect When Hiring a Private Investigator

Have you ever asked yourself, what value is there to gain from hiring a private investigator? Where do you start the conversation and how much information do I tell them? Is a private investigator really going to understand my situation? Does a private investigator go home from work telling family and friends about my personal problems?

From the time we answer the call, all communication is confidential. How can you be sure, you ask? For starters, private investigators build their reputation based on three things: 1) Integrity – not even God can change a person’s integrity. It’s one of the only things that a person has self control of; it takes a career to build and maintain and one stupid act of betrayal to destroy it, forever. On the other hand, most states have an office of authority that regulates the private investigation profession and you can file a complaint with them whenever you feel a private investigator has performed unethically. 2) Reliability – can they deliver what they promise; do they show up when they’re suppose to; are they available when you need access to them? 3) Results – probably the most important of the three. Providing the private investigator you have chosen has been in the profession for some time, they likely to be trustworthy anyway. At the end of the day, if your investigator has accomplished the necessary objectives that help you attain the legal or relationship goals you set out to achieve within a specified budget, I would call it success.

Now, I made this sound easy and simple but there are a lot of details in between and I mean a lot. However, a great private investigator will carry most of this burden for you. You see, private investigators come in all shapes and sizes, backgrounds and experience, contacts and sources. There is a “One Size Fits All” but you are likely to be less satisfied than with the one that specializes in your area of need. What is a specialist anyway? Some are those that concentrate in a specific area like criminal defense, vehicle accident reconstruction, fire arson or cheating spouse.  Private investigators also have a diversified background. Not all PI’s are ex-cops or retired law enforcement. Personally, I have a background in aeronautical engineering and low-voltage security integration. My grandfather was a sheriff for 15 years, maybe that’s where I get my interest but paying attention to detail and being process oriented is from building aircraft. Every private investigator is different and all are essential to their respective calling. The bottom line is to find the one that best identifies with your unique situation and has a trained, experienced focus in the area of your specific interest and you will have found a qualified private investigator candidate.

This is a great checklist of what to expect from a private investigator and the private investigation agency you considering to retain:

  1. Call our office and a licensed private investigator will take note as you explain your unique situation of your case.  Our private investigator will make sure to ask all the correct questions so we know exactly what your goals and needs are for the best outcome.
  2. We will take the time to brainstorm and come up with a strategy for the investigation. We will keep you well informed so that you will know exactly how we plan to investigate the situation. There are a variety of techniques we can use, including but not limited to, surveillance, Background Checks, Witness testimonies, vehicle tracking and DNA testing.
  3. Action is the name of the game. Next, we will put the plan into place. We cannot guarantee the outcome of the investigation because we can’t predict what your subject is going to do. However, we can control what we do and when to execute.  The key to success is being prepared and identifying times of opportunity.
  4. Striving for thorough communication during the investigation is critical to the success of any case. It is also essential in keeping clients satisfied and secure. Keeping the lines of communication open with clients to allow them know when each milestone is met will provide them with the confidence that progress is being made and they are gaining control of their critical situation. It is also very important to allow the clients to contact the field agents while they or on the job.  A close communication is a vast benefit in leading to a thriving investigation.
  5. Finally the investigator will produce an informed detailed written professional report. This report will be the final product created at the end of an investigation. A well written report that can hold up in court and document everything as well as organize the evidence is what often makes or breaks a case. A well organized report most often creates an environment for the opposing partner to settle without ever going to court –“Best Case Outcome”

Todd Redding and his staff of professionally trained licensed private investigators specialize in affair discovery / cheating spouse private investigations, child welfare and alimony recovery. The PI Agency is a 20 year Atlanta, Georgia based private investigation agency that caters to the needs of domestic and civil private investigations throughout Georgia, Alabama and Florida. You don’t have to face your difficult situation alone, call The PI Agency, 678-316-9374.

Best of all, “Our advice is always free.”