Emotional Infidelity

As a society we have a generally understood definition of cheating. That definition involves a physical betrayal. Recent statistics suggest as many as 60% of married individuals will at some point in their marriage engage in a physical act of infidelity. These numbers may be on the conservative side as more opportunities for infidelity are becoming available. As more women enter the workforce the opportunities for office romances increase. Additionally, modern technology allows contact to be made without alerting the spouse’s suspicions. Visits to chat rooms, sending private e-mails, even texting allow parties to contact each other discreetly. Eventually though this form of cheating leads to physical encounters. The physical encounter can serve as a concrete understanding cheating has occurred.

Yet, there is another form of cheating: emotional infidelity. It is generally agreed upon that emotional infidelity involves forming and fostering emotional intimacy that can promote the possibility of sexual intimacy at some point in the relationship. However, this is not the primary focus of the relationship from the beginning. The other party may be there as a confidant, someone to join on adventures with, or even a supportive friend. Outwardly, a relationship of this nature is not a threat to a marriage, but what about when the spouse doesn’t divulge all the encounters?

Emotional infidelity is so much more difficult to track because the basis for the relationship is non sexual, meaning opportunities to detect the infidelity are much fewer. The damage caused by emotional infidelity doesn’t wait until the relationship has become sexual, it appears much earlier. A majority of spouses have a friend they don’t always mention spending time with. Even this seemingly minor transgression can start to plant seeds of doubt and begin to dismantle a relationship. Even though the encounters may not have been sexual, the secrecy can cause the spouse to have doubts about their partner’s loyalty.

It is incredibly difficult to determine when an emotionally platonic relationship turns into emotional infidelity. If you feel like your spouse is hiding things or have begun to question their loyalty it may be time to find out the truth.

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