Cheating Husband

Are you starting to have suspicions about your husbands recent behavior and are worried that he is cheating on you but you aren’t sure? Here are some signs to look for:

    • Are there sudden noticeable changes in your husband’s sexual appetite or behavior?


    • Is he showering you with an unexpected increase in kindness and gifts for seemingly no reason?


    • Is he now more attached to his cell phone than he used to be, and sending and receiving a lot more texts than normal?


    • Have his grooming behaviors improved noticeably and he’s now paying more attention to his body out of the blue?


These behaviors may not be necessarily evidence of unfaithfulness, but if these kinds of changes have arose recently without warning and you have additional reasons for being suspicious and you want to get to the bottom of things. We can help either put your worries to rest or expose your cheating husband’s betrayal. Our experienced staff of private investigators can help you through these unsure times.

Cheating Wife

If you have suspicions that your wife is being unfaithful, we can either put your worries to rest or help you find evidence of your cheating wife’s activities. Here are some things to look out for:

    • Has she recently started to distance herself from members of your family that she used to get along with?


    • Is she having a lot more “girls nights” out with her friends than normal?


    • Has she been either noticeably more or less affectionate toward you?


    • Has your wife become increasingly more critical of your behavior than normal?


These signs by themselves aren’t proof of infidelity, but if you already have suspicions and you would like to have some solid evidence, we can help give you the answers you need.