Child Custody Investigator Atlanta

Divorce is always difficult, especially when children are involved. The PI Agency is a child custody investigator in Atlanta that can protect your rights and the best interests of your children during this tumultuous phase of your life. Sadly, many parents who are the lesser qualified of the two often end up with full custody of their children for all the wrong reasons. Indeed, as much as we tout our justice system as being the best in the world, we also recognize that it isn't perfect. If you suspect that your child might be in a less than desirable situation during times with the other parent, consider hiring a world-class private investigator from the PI Agency to help you make your case as to why you're the more qualified parent to have custody of your children.

What Can We Do to Help Your Family Court Case?

When your financial well-being and the future of your children hang in the balance, there's nothing that will ease your mind. Partnering with a family law expert in Atlanta who knows the judges and the court system in the county in which you are filing can be a huge step towards getting what is best for your children and best for you. Another huge step in the right direction is getting the evidence you need to support your case. That's where the PI Agency comes in. Here are some of the ways we can help you make your case:

Enduring a Divorce

As a parent, you know what's going on in the life of your ex-spouse child's better than anyone else does. Yet, simply making accusations without proof will be considered heresy in the courts and may actually make you look bad. At the PI Agency, we have better than a 90% success rate at assisting our clients to document the lifestyle their ex-partner is living, which may play a big part in custody hearings. That is why the PI Agency is the most trusted child custody investigator in Atlanta.

The Benefit of Hiring a PI and an Attorney?

The role of a private investigator in a custody case is to obtain admissible information and verify it, so it can be used and presented in court to support your case. That is why after retaining the legal services of an attorney, the next thing you should do is retain the investigative services of a private investigator. Doing so can make all the difference in the world! Please note that most attorneys can take care of the private investigator for you. Just tell them you want to hire the PI Agency.

The benefit of having your PI and your attorney coordinate together is that your attorney knows exactly what information he needs to get the results you want to achieve in court. Since every case and every divorce has its own set of unique circumstances, your attorney can tell your investigator what evidence he/she wants and needs. Further, your private investigator can't give you legal advice, but your attorney can act as a conduit between you and your PI. Call the PI Agency if you need a child custody investigator in Atlanta.

Child Custody Investigator Atlanta
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