They Cheated: Now What?

“My spouse cheated on me.” Typing those words into a search engine can be an almost surreal experience. Even odder is that the phrase tried to auto fill. Cheating is now considered almost a common place event in our society, but that doesn’t mean we know what to do now. So finally the truth came out, so now what?

After cheating comes to light there are a multitude of avenues to take, and each couple needs to decide for themselves. The first option being an end to the relationship with one or both parties determining the relationship will not be continued. This can be in the form of a separation or directly to divorce.

The second option is a bit broader. Sometimes revelation of cheating can act as a catalyst for the relationship to evolve. While the relationship may not be the same, acknowledging what was lacking can help the relationship move forward.

Regardless of which option you choose consider using some of the steps below:

  • Take an action of not taking action: In the heat of the moment after an affair has come to light it can be easy to deliver ultimatums or other extreme courses of action. These provide a temporary feeling of comfort, but once the extreme emotions have dwindled may lead to less opportunities or regret over the actions taken. Start with the smaller decisions.
  • Handle logistics: Make sure the day to day logistics are handled. If you have children, make sure their rides and activities are covered. In the time after the acknowledgement of cheating you may be distracted, irritable, depressed or even emotionally shut down. Don’t let this prevent you from making sure your day to day life is still on schedule.
  • Create a support network: Reach out to those you trust, you may even consider a therapist for one or both of you. Your support network can help handle logistics, provide an ear to listen when you are ready to talk, and provide emotional support during the process.
  • Don’t hide from the truth: Acknowledging the cheating can be an emotional and painful process, but it’s important not to try and sweep it back under the rug. Ask questions, as much as the answers may hurt it can help show what led to the cheating in the first place.

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