A brief guide to Alimony

Divorce can be daunting and scary or it can be freeing and liberating however one thing that will always remain the same is how to divide assets and custody of your children if you have them.  It may seem like things are equal when you end things however more often than not one person is always stuck living a life that is not up to par with how they were used to living while they were married.

The reason behind alimony in most divorce courts stems from one spouse sacrificing certain things to contribute to the earning potential for the other.  For example if one spouse helps support the other through college it will make their earning potential greater when they are finished with the schooling.

In general alimony is not granted as a punishment but instead given to one of the parties because of a perceived inequity in the results of a marriage.

The more that you are educated about alimony payments the better you will be able to handle an agreement in the time of a settlement.  Divorce is a difficult and emotional situation and having the proper information may save you from months of hardship after a divorce. Make sure that you are ready to fight for what you deserve.

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