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Understanding The Process Of Polygraph Testing

Polygraph testing is often used by private investigators to determine whether someone is telling the truth. Psychological stimuli causes physiological changes in the body which will then be picked up by the polygraph. When someone senses danger, the body’s nervous system will send the body into a fight, flight or freeze state. This occurs naturally […]

5 Essential Questions To Ask When Hiring A Private Investigator

When we think about private investigators, dramatic movie scenes from Hollywood often pop up in our minds. However, real life private investigators are very different from what you see on the screens. With the wide range of tools that private investigators have access to in order to perform their investigations and surveillance, individuals who seek […]

5 Signs Of A Cheating Spouse

Research has shown that although men have a higher likelihood of cheating than women, women are better at hiding their affairs. Usually, when a woman is caught cheating on her significant other, it can lead to a loss of reputation, children and financial security. In some cases, it may even lead to violence. Both men […]

How to Track Down a Missing Person in a Hospital

This post was written during the Coronavirus pandemic, primarily because we’ve received several calls from people looking for their loved ones. Typically, missing people end up in a hospital for several reasons – from injuries sustained while on the streets, mental health issues, or being transported to the hospital after an arrest. The Coronavirus crisis […]

Private Investigators Atlanta Georgia Help Business

Just like any other stream of law enforcement, private investigation too can have a variety of specializations and methods. And private investigators need to be alert, observational and possess a logical and analytical mind. That is because, all kinds of cases, ranging from the concerns of a cheating spouse to an array of dangerous crimes, […]

Services of the Best Private Investigator in Atlanta

The best private investigator in Atlanta provides a handful of informative services ranging from the more routine types of confidential evidence, polygraph testing, infidelity issues, spouse cheating investigation, such as monitoring a witness or locating a claimant’s activities, to the more tricky and complex type of cases such as discovery of hidden assets or assisting […]