Online Investigation Techniques that Professional Private Investigators Use

Online Investigation Techniques that Professional Private Investigators Use

If you are wondering what you can do or who you can find to help with an online investigation then look no further.  This article explains some of the simple online techniques that professional private investigators use to track down their targets of investigation.

Some of the key points we will highlight consist of finding a person’s online alias, digging into profiles, pictures and leveraging the internet space to help uncover files and setting up real-time systems to get notifications about a targets online activity.

Data mining is a method that is often used by spam bot’s to guess email addresses but can be a valuable resource for investigating online. People will use nicknames for their online screen names and, more often than not, this screen name will be the same as their email.  An investigator will try sending a test message to this email and if it does not bounce back it is flagged as an email lead.  Links like “forgot password” often time provide pathways for trapping an email address. Have you ever received an email about changing your password? Hmm, if so, someone could be trying to verify your email address.

Reverse image tracking is another tool in the arsenal bag that has been proven effective by professionals.  All that is needed is a person’s name and you can find out what type of websites they visit and how often.  This is done by finding a person’s profile picture on a related site and comparing the picture using a site like to generate an image site wide check.  Often cell phones geo target pictures as well making it fairly easy to find where that person is either located or has traveled.

Picture fishing is a way to gain photos from a target.  This can be done by means of a fictitious profile set up on an online or social media site.  Just simply set up an account.

File search can be one of the most effective methods in retrieving valuable information about a target.  Google offers a special search operator which shows files stored on uncovered servers.  To implement this type of search type the following command in intitle:”index of” “parent directory” Jon Doe.  Jon Doe should be replaced with the alias or name of the person you are looking for.  This technique is known as Advanced Google Search Operator.

Did you know that Google can be set up to alert you when a name of your choice appears in a forum or post and Google will send you an email of their activity?  Simply navigate to and start tracking.

I hope this information is useful for you and will help you on your pursuit of whoever you are looking for.  Try some or all of these techniques and you will find some great results.  Happy hunting.

Todd Redding is a veteran licensed private investigator that specializes in affair discovery, cheating spouse and alimony private investigations. The PI Agency is a 20 year Atlanta, Georgia based private investigation agency that caters to the needs of domestic and civil private investigations throughout Georgia, Alabama and Florida. You don’t have to face this difficult situation alone, please call The PI Agency, 678-316-9374.

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Save it with Integrity or End it with Dignity

Save it with Integrity or End it with Dignity

According to the General Social Survey (GSS) taken from 1972-2006, more than 18% of respondents said they had sex with someone other than their spouse while married. That’s almost a full fifth of married couples – and that’s the only ones who admitted it!

If you’re married, then you know that marriage is one of the greatest challenges of all time. Don’t believe me? Look at the statistics: over half of marriages in the United States end in divorce!

And unfortunately, one of the top reasons for these divorces is this infidelity, with a cheating spouse being listed as the reason for splitting up by 55% of couples. Someone finds out their spouse is cheating on them, and, in their hurt and rage, they want to take vengeance.

However, this hurts everyone, including the person initiating the divorce. But there is another way.

Private Investigators can Uncover a Cheating Spouse

In cases where a one spouse suspects the other of cheating, the best thing to do is often to hire a private investigator or detective who specializes in adultery. You can find them on the web, or through agencies like The Pi Agency ( This way, the spouse can get real proof of the other’s adultery – or lack thereof.

Why is this important?

As we mentioned, one of the most common reactions to finding out that your spouse is cheating on you is to experience hurt, rage, and pain. If you find this out suddenly, on your own, or if you let it fester without any concrete proof, it is more likely to impact your judgment.

If you use a private detective, on the other hand, you will find out in the company of another person – one who is unbiased, and who is used to dealing with these sorts of situations. They can provide you with excellent advice to keep calm and maintain your integrity and dignity as you choose whether or not to end the relationship, and what to do from there.

Festering Doubts About your Spouse

Private investigators are especially useful in a case where you only suspect that your spouse is cheating on you. The longer you let these doubts fester inside you, the more rage and distance you are building up. In fact, even if your spouse is not cheating, suspecting it for too long can destroy your marriage!

By hiring a private detective to investigate the matter, you can put your doubts to rest, one way or the other. This will spare you a great deal of pain, both immediately (as you question your spouse’s fidelity) and in the long run (if you must deal with the consequences of a cheating spouse).

Save it with Integrity or End it with Dignity

Ultimately, marriage is a very personal thing. Only you can decide what is right for you and your spouse. But if you plan on saving your marriage and forgiving your spouse, or ending it and keeping your dignity intact, a private investigator can be extremely helpful.


What to Expect When Hiring a Private Investigator

What to Expect When Hiring a Private Investigator

Have you ever asked yourself, what value is there to gain from hiring a private investigator? Where do you start the conversation and how much information do I tell them? Is a private investigator really going to understand my situation? Does a private investigator go home from work telling family and friends about my personal problems?

From the time we answer the call, all communication is confidential. How can you be sure, you ask? For starters, private investigators build their reputation based on three things: 1) Integrity – not even God can change a person’s integrity. It’s one of the only things that a person has self control of; it takes a career to build and maintain and one stupid act of betrayal to destroy it, forever. On the other hand, most states have an office of authority that regulates the private investigation profession and you can file a complaint with them whenever you feel a private investigator has performed unethically. 2) Reliability – can they deliver what they promise; do they show up when they’re suppose to; are they available when you need access to them? 3) Results – probably the most important of the three. Providing the private investigator you have chosen has been in the profession for some time, they likely to be trustworthy anyway. At the end of the day, if your investigator has accomplished the necessary objectives that help you attain the legal or relationship goals you set out to achieve within a specified budget, I would call it success.

Now, I made this sound easy and simple but there are a lot of details in between and I mean a lot. However, a great private investigator will carry most of this burden for you. You see, private investigators come in all shapes and sizes, backgrounds and experience, contacts and sources. There is a “One Size Fits All” but you are likely to be less satisfied than with the one that specializes in your area of need. What is a specialist anyway? Some are those that concentrate in a specific area like criminal defense, vehicle accident reconstruction, fire arson or cheating spouse.  Private investigators also have a diversified background. Not all PI’s are ex-cops or retired law enforcement. Personally, I have a background in aeronautical engineering and low-voltage security integration. My grandfather was a sheriff for 15 years, maybe that’s where I get my interest but paying attention to detail and being process oriented is from building aircraft. Every private investigator is different and all are essential to their respective calling. The bottom line is to find the one that best identifies with your unique situation and has a trained, experienced focus in the area of your specific interest and you will have found a qualified private investigator candidate.

This is a great checklist of what to expect from a private investigator and the private investigation agency you considering to retain:

  1. Call our office and a licensed private investigator will take note as you explain your unique situation of your case.  Our private investigator will make sure to ask all the correct questions so we know exactly what your goals and needs are for the best outcome.
  2. We will take the time to brainstorm and come up with a strategy for the investigation. We will keep you well informed so that you will know exactly how we plan to investigate the situation. There are a variety of techniques we can use, including but not limited to, surveillance, Background Checks, Witness testimonies, vehicle tracking and DNA testing.
  3. Action is the name of the game. Next, we will put the plan into place. We cannot guarantee the outcome of the investigation because we can’t predict what your subject is going to do. However, we can control what we do and when to execute.  The key to success is being prepared and identifying times of opportunity.
  4. Striving for thorough communication during the investigation is critical to the success of any case. It is also essential in keeping clients satisfied and secure. Keeping the lines of communication open with clients to allow them know when each milestone is met will provide them with the confidence that progress is being made and they are gaining control of their critical situation. It is also very important to allow the clients to contact the field agents while they or on the job.  A close communication is a vast benefit in leading to a thriving investigation.
  5. Finally the investigator will produce an informed detailed written professional report. This report will be the final product created at the end of an investigation. A well written report that can hold up in court and document everything as well as organize the evidence is what often makes or breaks a case. A well organized report most often creates an environment for the opposing partner to settle without ever going to court –“Best Case Outcome”

Todd Redding and his staff of professionally trained licensed private investigators specialize in affair discovery / cheating spouse private investigations, child welfare and alimony recovery. The PI Agency is a 20 year Atlanta, Georgia based private investigation agency that caters to the needs of domestic and civil private investigations throughout Georgia, Alabama and Florida. You don’t have to face your difficult situation alone, call The PI Agency, 678-316-9374.

Best of all, “Our advice is always free.”


4 Reasons why a Private Investigator Can Be More Helpful Than an Attorney

4 Reasons why a Private Investigator Can Be More Helpful Than an Attorney

He isn’t the same as before. He is infatuated with his cell phone – busy texting away every second of the day. He spends more time away from the house – spending time with “the guys” apparently. For some reason, he has become extremely sweet to you, as though he’s compensating for something.

You know what’s going on. Your first instinct is to reach for the phone and dial an attorney. Any attorney – your spouse is clearly playing you out. However, such actions are ill-advised and far too hasty. You might want to consider cheating spouse private investigator before you seek out an attorney. Here are 4 reasons why.

Reason #1 Prevent Rushed and Emotional Decisions

A cheating spouse private detective doesn’t merely investigate your supposedly unfaithful spouse. They are there to guide and counsel you every step of the way. When something as sacred and precious as a relationship is threatened, we tend to mistake normal behavior for infidelity. Our private investigators in Atlanta will help you interpret your spouse’s behavior without letting emotions take control of any decision. Often times, suspicions are put to rest and you can put the matter behind you without any fuss. This is because a cheating spouse private investigator is trained to act discreetly without embroiling your relationship in a huge yet easily avoidable mess.

In comparison, involving an attorney may alert your spouse and create further complications. Attorneys are not specifically equipped to handle discreet payments; whereas our private investigators are prepared to allay any problems you face with discretion. Furthermore, most attorneys are merely concerned with the legal aspect of your situation rather than the emotions and feelings which are just as important. With such high-stakes, it’s wiser to take things slow, control your emotions, and get a second opinion.

Reason #2 Get Accustomed to the Legal Process

Our private detectives, be it in Atlanta Georgia or Buford Georgia, will get you acquainted with the legal process and the art of managing an attorney – and all this advice is completely and wholeheartedly free. Picking the right attorney is a crucial decision to make, yet many still fall for some classic attorney tricks. For example, most Attorney Referral Services refer you to lawyers who pay for the said referrals rather than getting you the ideal attorney. Most individuals are caught unaware of these tiny facets. However, a cheating spouse private detective is geared up to prep you for the complex legal world and all its pitfalls.

Rushing to the first attorney you find is usually a recipe for disaster. You might be lucky with your choice of attorney. For most, however, this isn’t the case. You may end up with a less-than-knowledgeable attorney, or one that is keen to strip your pockets of cash. Without a sturdy understanding of the legal process, you might also be taken for a ride by your attorney. Hence, it is essential to have some basic understanding concerning legal procedures and what to expect during a case.

Reason #3 Uncover the Evidence First

The first step you should take when confronted with possible unfaithfulness is the “discovery process”. In short, it is vital to gather as much evidence as possible. This will allow you to ascertain the true extent of the affair before you consult an attorney. It is important to note that attorneys merely present your evidence – their job is simply to carry you through the legal process. However, a private detective has the advantage of going beyond and securing the much needed evidence to support your case.

Our private detectives in Atlanta are equipped with a range of tools to aid you in the quest for truth. Our GPS Vehicle Tracking will allow you to get a good picture of your spouse’s activities and movements. On the other hand, Cell Phone Forensics and Phone Number Tracing will give you key insights into interactions between your spouse and others. This will allow you to recover deleted text messages as well as identify who exactly your spouse is conversing with. Computer Monitoring can provide information such as tracking web history and Instant messaging chats. Not only can our private investigators provide you these services, we will ensure you are on the right side of the law when using them.

Reason #4 It’s Simply the Cheaper Choice

Simply put, a cheating spouse private investigator is the most economical option compared to hiring a counselor and attorney. The cost of a private investigator is a mere fraction of that of an attorney. In some cases, a private investigator will help you avoid a court case altogether – after all, who needs an attorney if you find out your spouse wasn’t cheating after all? Private detectives offer a holistic and all-encompassing approach to handling the possibility of infidelity, yet their price is much lower. With our private detectives at The PI Agency, you always get solid free advice to boot – try finding an attorney with the same offer. At the same time, be wary when hiring a private investigator through a law firm. You might end up paying 4-6 times more than usual.

Wrapping Up

Private detectives do far more than just uncovering evidence. They guide you through the whole process. They don’t simply ‘catch’ a guilty spouse. They advise you, counsel you, and familiarize you with what’s to come. Even with a wider range of services, private detectives are still far cheaper than most attorneys. Our private detectives in Atlanta are more than mere investigators – they are your guide in what is a complex and emotionally-entangled ordeal.

Todd Redding and his staff of professionally trained licensed private investigators specialize in affair discovery / cheating spouse private investigations, child welfare and alimony recovery. The PI Agency is a 20 year Atlanta, Georgia based private investigation agency that caters to the needs of domestic and civil private investigations throughout Georgia, Alabama and Florida. You don’t have to face your difficult situation alone, call The PI Agency, 678-316-9374.

Best of all, “Our advice is always free.”