By photographing their subject participating in certain acts and through other types of fieldwork, numerous private investigators do their jobs every day. But thanks to today’s technology, a digital private investigator is able to focus on digital evidence and gather as much of it as possible. In personal injury cases, employment disputes, family law cases, and a plethora of other types of cases, this kind of information can be invaluable.

What is involved in an investigation of this sort? What kind of evidence is being gathered and where does the investigator go to obtain it? Let’s look at digital private investigators and what their job entails.


Needless to say, computers are an indispensable tool in a digital investigator’s repertoire. Forensic computer examiners and digital private investigators, to uncover pertinent information, can search through an individual’s videos, photos, documents, and other data. On a company-owned computer used by an employee, an employer may ask for such a search. On a shared computer, a spouse may make a request for an investigation. In the process, as a starting point, the browsing history will be looked at by the investigator. Even intentionally hidden or deleted information can frequently be recovered.

Photos and Social Media Sites

Online photos are all over the Internet, whether people know it or not! A digital private investigator will make good use of these photos, possibly doing a reverse search. Social media pages are a good source for pictures.

An individual’s presence on social media pages is frequently a treasure trove for digital private investigators. They will look for posts on friends’ pages, public pages, etc. To be used to confront the other party, they may gather incriminating information this way. They can use this information from social media in court proceedings by printing it out and bringing it as evidence.

Website Usage Reviews

An individual’s online presence will be tracked by a digital private investigator. As an example, a private investigator may search personal ad sites, escort service sites, dating sites, etc. for the email address or profile of a particular individual in a suspected adultery case.

Phone Records Analysis

Phone data can be analyzed by private investigators if the phone is owned by the spouse requesting investigation or the records have been subpoenaed.

As an example, cheating may be indicated if phone conversations are repeated during weekends, certain times of the night, or last an exorbitantly long period of time.


To assist an entity or individual, digital private investigators rely on the vast array technological advancement available to them. Today, that is considerable. To discover if a parent isn’t caring for their child properly, if a spouse is cheating, if an employee is stealing company funds, etc., investigators now can analyze computer documents, websites, social network channels, photos, tweets, phone calls, texts, and more.

Before commencing activities such as this, however, a check should be run so that no laws put forth by the governing state are broken.

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