At The PI Agency, a group of some of the most experienced and qualified private investigators, we are committed to provide world-class investigative services to our clients in the most confidential manner.

Our agency enjoys the credible track record of serving clients from different spectrum of the society including businesses, attorneys, executives and common people among others. Being in the business for many years, we understand the exact needs of our clients and offer personalized attention. After understanding and analyzing your needs, we deploy the most suitable resources to come up with credible information backed by hard hitting facts and proof.

The PI Agency operates tried and tested state-of-the-art private investigation tools, systems and processes to protect the interests of our clients. We offer private investigative services for diverse set of needs including the need to churn out confidential evidence, investigate about cheating spouse or partner or for any other matter.

Our private investigator in Alabama also offer polygraph testing to evaluate the integrity of the person. The PI Agency is working with highly trained polygraph examiners who are shrewd in analyzing the authenticity of claims made by a person in case of theft, domestic issue or any wrongful accusation.

Our end-to-end investigative service equipped with modern technology and vast experience aspires to offer the best investigative solutions to our clients.