5 Types of Cheaters

The arguing is over and the affair has been drug out into the open. Still full of adrenaline and conflicting emotions the different relationship options start flashing through your mind. One of the biggest will likely be: Should I stay or do I demand we end it? While there are a multitude of factors, one of them is whether they are likely to cheat again. In this situation knowing what kind of cheater your partner is should factor in.

  • Serial Cheater:

    This cheater is characterized by having many different cheating partners’, most of them likely one night stands. This cheater feels the need to cheat not because of dissatisfaction in their relationship, but instead the desire for the thrill. Emotionally they are rarely involved with their partners, but continue to crave the sexual excitement.

  • Emotional Affection Cheater:

    This cheater has formed an emotional attraction to another person, usually through a friend scenario and the relationship is likely just evolving. The cheater may be under a great deal of stress or depression and has formed an attachment to someone other than their spouse because of it.

  • Opportunistic Cheater:

    This cheater may still be very attached to their spouse, but has an attraction to another. This type of cheating is most often driven by opportunity and risk taking behavior. In some scenarios alcohol or substance use may have been a factor in the encounter. After the encounter they frequently experience large amounts of guilt.

  • Romantic Cheater:

    This cheater has very little emotional attachment to their spouse and remain committed to the relationship but still craves an intimate connection to someone else. Once they find the intimate connection though they still rarely form a long term relationship with the other party.

  • Committed Cheater:

    This cheater is committed to their relationship but lacks emotional feelings for their partner. They are able to justify the cheating by convincing themselves they are entitled to have the things they are not getting from their relationship. In the end they do not want to lose the relationship because they are concerned about how others will view the end of their relationship and do not want to be viewed as a failure.

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